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Elvis Concert

We held our Annual Dinner & Dance last night with over 200 guests and Elvis made a special appearance.
He was absolutely fabulous!
He did such a great job with the audience and there were a lot of Elvis fans in the room.

Thank you Scheme-a-Dream for making this year's event one to remember forever.
Kristy Scott February 3 2019

Princess Ariel Royal Storybook Visit

Princess Ariel came to my daughters birthday party.
She was amazing and had a lovely voice.
Overall wonderful experience.

Sahra Shire February 2 2019

Axel Rose Telegram

Called on short notice and they were very accommodating.
On time and professional, a lot of fun and hit the right cord.
Great experience.

Scott Madams February 1 2019

RENT A NERD's "Lester Polyester" Comedy Roast

I rented a nerd for my sister and my friends 40th birthday.
Lester Polyester was friggen hilarious.
I highly recommend this company if you're looking for something fun to do for a birthday.

Christine Jeason January 26 2019

Marilyn Show

Marilyn came and sang and flirted for my dad's 75th birthday party.
She put on a great show!
She was very entertaining!
Was a great night.
Marilyn was awesome!

Carolyn Turcott January 26 2019

RENT A NERD's "Lester Polyester" Comedy Roast

Lester Polyester was AMAZING, just as it was promised!
He kept everyone laughing the whole half hour, especially the birthday girl!
It was great to see her laughing so much.

Thank you again.
Christine Duffy January 26 2019

Spiderman Adventure Party

Spiderman was awesome!
Very friendly, the kids & adults loved him.
He certainly got everybody's attention.
Would definitely recommend!
SCHEME A DREAM was able to accommodate our last minute request. Great service.
Keep up the good work!!

Glenn Domingo Sunday January 20 2019

Elvis Mini Concert

Had an 80th birthday party for my Mom and had Elvis from Scheme A Dream.
He was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed his show.

Kim Funk January 19 2019

Daycare Santa Visit

We have been using Scheme A Dream to provide a Santa for more than 10 years.
He is always punctual, friendly and in character.
We can rely on him to be convincing and gentle with the children.

Marla McGregor January 14 2019

Princess Ariel and Princess Belle Royal Storybook Visit

I hired Bell and Ariel for my daughter's 7th birthday.
They were so good and so nice with the children.
My daughter and other kids really enjoyed the party.

Thank you so much.

Marcela Biscocho January 12 2019

Dolly Parton Mini Concert and Elvis Telegram

We had Dolly Parton come perform for my dad's 70th birthday and she was amazing.
He enjoyed the surprise and the performance.
Dolly was on time and ready to go with her music.
She even brought her own mic and portable speaker.
This is our second time booking with Scheme A Dream and we've always had a great experience.
The last time was for my dad's 60th with Elvis and he was awesome too and always in character from beginning to end.

Thanks again Margaret!
Cathleen Hues January 11 2019

Mick Jagger Mini Concert

Mick was excellent!
Everyone fell in love with him.
Looking forward to next year.

Yvonne Chartrand December 31 2018

Austin Powers Telegram

Austin was so much fun!
Everyone loved him.

Thanks again.
Kristy Cournower December 29 2018

Ariel Princess Storybook Visit

Everything went great. All the kids had fun and seemed to really enjoy the princess Ariel.
Thank you, we would definitely recommend you guys to other parents...

Ronald Raghoo December 29 2018

Santa Home Visit

We had Santa come to visit our two year old on Christmas Eve and can't say enough great things about our experience.
Santa sang our little one's favourite "Santa Songs", let him play with the sleigh bells, took lots of pictures.
It was perfect!
Everything about the visit was better than I could've hoped for!
Thank you so much Santa, see you again next year!

Aynsley Read December 24 2018

Santa Home Visit

‘Santa’ has been visiting us on Christmas Eve for a number of years now.

All the children love this addition to our holiday celebration & look forward to his arrival, eventhough it’s always a surprise.

We have never been disappointed with Santa’s contribution to the evening.

A must have !

Kim Legary December 24 2018

Santa Home Visit

We have had the same Santa at our family party for the past 10 years.
He has been wonderful with each of the children as they have grown, calm and gentle when they were babies, teasing and interested as they get older.
There is time for photos, individual and groups.
He takes time for the adults too and leads us in rousing choruses of favourite Christmas songs.
His visit is the highlight of the evening!

Thank you Scheme A Dream
Mark Owens December 23 2018

Fifi The French Maid Telegram

Fifi was great!
She did a great job and was very good.

Michelle Bacick December 22 2018

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

We had Marilyn Monroe go visit my coworker for his 60th birthday.
She was fantastic and embarrassed him just enough.
I was told his kids are going to show the videos on Christmas Day.

Thanks again
Jana McLean December 21 2018

Home Santa Visit

I booked Santa for my Christmas house party and he was perfect. He was jolly & kind.
The kids adored him & he was also funny and definitely made the adults laugh a few times.
I can't wait to book again for my party next year!

Rene Robson December 16 2018

Santa Visit

Santa’s visit was a fantastic and fun addition to our Christmas celebration.
He mingled and visited with everyone, handed out candy canes then posed for pictures.
Our Seniors loved it!
Seeing their smiles when he arrived was a gift.
He also visited with the children who joined us in the celebration.
Lots of fun was had!

5 Stars for sure!

Michelle December 14 2018

Austin Powers Comedy Roast and Johnny Cash Mini Concert

We had our corporate last Friday at canad inns.
I just wanted to thank our Austin Powers and Johnny Cash for a job well done!
Everyone very much enjoyed his performance!

Please let the actor know our appreciation!
Austin Powers was sooooo funny! The ladies loved it.

We will defiantly use this company in the future!
Maegen Garbutt December 14 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

We hired Elvis Vegas at Scheme a Dream for a work holiday party.
He was terrific!
His performance was great and took time to interact and take pictures with people as well.
Would definitely use Scheme A Dream again.

Thanks again
Justin Brown December 14 2018

RENT A NERD's 'Greta Geek' Comedy Roast

The entertainment was absolutely wonderful!
Everyone LOVED Greta and our Christmas party was a huge success because of her!!

Mandy Thiessen December 13 2018

Princess Ariel Royal Storybook Visit

Ariel was a special guest at my daughter's 6th birthday party.
She was great!
She kept the kids entertained, she sang, danced with them, she gave them little keepsakes, she did glitter tattoos.
She participated in singing happy birthday and the gift opening.
I was so pleased and so were my daughter and her friends.

Thank you so much!!

Dido Nyomba December 9 2018

Home Santa Visit

We booked Santa for my Christmas house party and he was just perfect.
He was jolly and kind, the kids adored him - and he was also funny and definitely made the adults laugh a few times.
I can't wait to book again for my party next year!

Jessica Steer December 8 2018

Corporate Santa Visit

My office has used Scheme a Dream for our children's Christmas party every year for over seven years. Not only do we get the same Santa every year (who remembers the children!) he takes a lot of time with each child, never hurrying just to rush the line.
He's so patient with the scared children, doing his best to comfort them and get them to engage with him, even if it's just a high five.
He's incredible with the special needs children as well, so patient and lovely.
I can't recommend Scheme a Dream enough for your party needs.

Ashley MacLennan December 8 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

Just wanted to say Thankyou to Elvis for doing an absolutely amazing job at my parents 50th Anniversary!!!
He exceeded my expectations and we heard so many words of praise from all of the guests!
You guys are the best!!!

Sandra Mansell December 7 2018

Santa and Mrs Claus

We had Santa & Mrs. Claus come for a kids party and they did a great job!
The kids loved every minute of it & they even had the adults singing songs!

Tamara Kaye December 2 2018

Princess Belle Storybook Visit

Great experience with Princess Belle for our birthday party.
Princess Belle was very patient and cheerful.

Thank you Scheme A Dream
Amandeep Sandhu December 2 2018

Face Painters, Glitter Tattoo Artists and More

We have used Scheme a Dream many times in the past and have had amazing experiences each time.
We have hired face painters, a glitter tattoo artist, magicians, clowns, balloon twisters, superhero’s, princesses, Santa, and a Marilyn Monroe singing telegram.
Margaret goes out of her way to find the perfect fit for your event and has even done it on less than 24 hours notice!
As a mother of 3 young kids, Scheme a Dream is a convenient, “one-stop-shop” when planning any kind of party.
We will definitely be using Scheme a Dream for all of our events in the years to come!

Rachel Nedelec December 2 1018

Elsa, Anna and Olaf Intermingle

Ran a children's Christmas Party, where scheme a dream provided us with Elsa, Olaf and Anna who were a major hit with the kids.
They spent quality time chatting with the children making their experience fun and memorable!
Everyone had a fantastic experience!
Looking forward on seeing them again next year!!

Phillip Kargut December 1 2018

Corporate Santa Visit

Santa was wonderful as always.

We’d like to book him again for Saturday, December 7th, 2019.

Warm Regards,
Sheila Kristinnson December 1 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Marilyn was absolutely fantastic!
Everyone loved her and my husband said it was the best day of his life.
The performer played the part very well and entertained the party perfectly.
We would certainly use Scheme A Dream again.

Thank you to Marilyn Monroe for a perfect performance.
Jennifer McDowell November 24 2018

Austin Powers Comedy Roast and Comical Strip A Gram

Austin Powers was hilarious!!
Great company.

Dia Chaves November 24 2018

Batman Adventure Party

We had Batman visit today for Tatum's 3rd Birthday.
Honestly worth every penny.
He was absolutely awesome!!
He made himself so involved!
All of the kids and adults loved him.
Thank you for making Tatum's birthday so memorable.

Mandy Hetcher Saturday, November 23 2018

Mardi Gras Jester - Intermingle

The event was great and your Jester was a hit with the crowd.
Thanks again for working with us to make our event a success.

Melanie Daenink November 23 2018

Corporate Santa Visit

We had 'Santa' at our children's Christmas Party over the weekend
What a patient and engaged Santa!
He spent quality time chatting with each child making their experience personal and memorable!
Great experience!
Will definitely book again.

Maureen Gemmel November 18 2018

Corporate Santa Visit

Excellent service!!
Santa was very convincing for the children.
He sang songs with them and took time chatting with each child.
The photos also turned out awesome.
He knew how to get the best photo with the infants as well.

Nicole Chartrand November 17 2018

Corporate Santa Visit

I hired a Santa from Scheme a Dream to visit our office kids Christmas party.
From the moment he arrived he was absolutely perfect.
He was friendly and great with the children.
He interacted with them on a one on one basis singing Christmas carols, handing out candy canes and gifts and asking them questions.
He went the extra mile allowing us the time to take family photos and group photos.
This guy could teach others how to be a great Santa.
This was my first time hiring someone to play Santa and I could have not asked for a better one.
I would hire this company again.

Thank you Scheme a Dream.
Cathy Shendroski November 17 2018

Queen Elsa Royal Visit

Everything was lovely.
It was so magical for my daughter.
She will never forget it.

Thank you!
Kayla Wells November 11 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

Thank Elvis for an absolutely sensational performance tonight.
My dad, and the group were thrilled with your authentic persona of the King.
Thank You again for making his 90th birthday a sweet memory for many years to come.

Rob Callis November 11 2018

Antman, Spiderman Action Adventure and Glitter Tattoo Artist

It was wonderful!!!
Antman, Spider-Man and glitter tattoo artist were absolutely awesome everyone loved all!!
They were super engaging and a ton of fun.

Thank you so much
Diana Grivicic - Jackson November 10 2018

Minion Visit

Fantastic experience!
I had seen mascots provided by Scheme A Dream in action many times at an annual picnic we attend, so this year I decided to send a minion to my son's daycare centre for his birthday.
The coordinator is available at all hours via text which make the planning effortless, and photos of the mascots are available on their website so you know exactly what you're getting.
They let all the kids at the daycare have a turn visiting the minion, let them take photos, and I even got a follow-up text afterward letting me know how it went.

Would certainly recommend them!
Kali Braun November 4 2018

Gorilla Telegram

We had a Gorilla come out to a sweet 16th party.
The birthday girl had a lot of laughs & her friends can't stop talking about it!
Thank you so much to Scheme a Dream for brightening her day !!!

Connie Gervais November 3 2018

Dolly Parton Telegram

Great work guys!
We were able to surprise our mom for her retirement even though we live all the way in BC!
Dolly Parton was hired and totally provided entertainment and many laughs for all!!!
Very friendly, reliable and professional!
Way to go!

Sabrina Werbowski October 31 2018

Royal Storybook Visit - Frozen's Elsa and Anna

We had Anna and Elsa come to my daughter’s birthday party.
They were amazing!
They kept the kids entertained and engaged the whole time.
They made sure that all the kids were included, even the shy ones that were hanging off to the side and needed encouragement to join in.
I usually feel mentally drained after hosting a kids birthday party, but this was easily the most stress-free party we have ever had!

Jaime Profeta October 28 2018

Princess Ariel Royal Storybook Visit

I Have used SCHEME A DREAM many times for my kids birthday parties & I love it!
So professional and good with kids.
I've hired Batman, Harley Quinn, Moana & Ariel.
Ariel did a wonderful job at my daughter's birthday party last weekend.
What a GREAT voice!
I recommend SCHEME A DREAM!

Renee Robson October 27 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Hired Marilyn Munroe to come down for my dads 50th birthday!
She put on a great show & had everyone laughing!
Played the part absolutely fantastic!
I recommend SCHEME A DREAM to anyone who wants to give their party that extra touch!

Melissa Newbiggin October 27 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Marilyn Monroe was excellent at our event!
Very professional, funny and a great voice!
She was totally into her part & “doted” on the birthday boy while still including the other party guests.
She was the hit at the party.

Theresa Kuchirka October 27 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Thank-you for doing such a great job.
It was a huge surprise and it was loved by all who attended our party!

Would recommend again. Thanks
Heather Newbiggin October 27 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Thank you Marilyn Monroe for surprising my brother at his retirement party.
Marilyn left him red in the face – almost as red as the kisses on his cheeks!

Thanks again
Dianne McKenzie October 27 2018

Betty Boop Mini Comedy Roast

Betty Boop was a HIT at the Party!!

Thank you
Denise Manikel October 27 2018

Spiderman and Moana - Intermingle and Meet & Greet

We invited Moana and Spider-Man to a community Halloween Dance.
They were amazing!
Super friendly & the kids loved the interaction!
Will definitely be keeping Scheme a Dream in mind for future events!

Crystal Peters October 27

RENT A NERD's Lester Polyester Comedy Roast

We had Lester show up at our CEO Retirement Dinner.
Lots of laughs and some good Johnny Cash songs!

Bev Friesen October 18 2018

Chicken Lady Telegram

The Chicken Lady was fantastic! The booking process was very smooth & timely.
I wasn’t able to be there but all reports indicate the performance was entirely funny & just risque
enough without being over the top for elementary school teachers

Thank you!
Jacqui Ladwig October 18 2018

Austin Powers, Edward Cullen, Tom Jones and Kalesi Impersonations

We have had Austin Powers, Edward Cullen Twilight, Tom Jones, Kalesi, at various birthday parties and each time it's been the hit of the party!
My daughter was thrilled to be serenaded by Edward Cullen.
She still talks about 5 years later!
Recently Kalesi from Game of Thrones) attended my 50h and it was great!
Had the crowd laughing and made my party the best!

Thanks so much!
Sandra Watson October 18 2018

Balloon Bouquets and Garth Brooks Mini Concert

I ordered Balloon bouquets for my grandkids & a Garth Brooks impersonator for my aunt’s 80th Bday from SCHEME A DREAM.
All deliveries were such a success.
Margaret is fantastic, my go to person, an absolute treasure!
Above and beyond my expectations.
A huge thank you!

Sharlene Klymuik October 16 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

Thank you to Scheme-a-Dream for the amazing performance of their Elvis.
He arrived on time and provided a wonderful set of songs for my Mom's 80th birthday party.
Elvis engaged the audience and was definitely worth the price.

Thank you
Blair Nicholls October 13 2018

Austin Powers Comedy Roast with Comical Strip A Gram

Austin Powers was awesome!!
Had him come in for my wife's 40th.
Great entrance, funny jokes, good singing and song choices.
Lots of laughs and good comments from our guests.
Only thing that was missing was the hairy chest.
Top notch performance !!

I would recommend Austin Powers to anyone looking to add something extra to a party.
Patrick Grandmont October 13 2018

Spiderman Adventure Party

Had a spiderman show for my 3 year old and it was wonderful! Spiderman was very good with the kids and very patient. He was full of Spiderman tricks. The kids had a blast!!

Thank you again
Yemane Araya October 13 2018

Spiderman Adventure Party and Face Painting

My son loved it!
He had Spider-Man show up and face painting done.
Would highly recommend.

Thank you
Monica Stroppa October 13 2018

Female Cop and RENT A NERD's 'Greta Geek'

We hired both the girl cop and female nerd for my son's 18th birthday.
They were hilarious!
Had us all in stitches droning north character acts.
I'm so glad we hired Scheme A Dream.

I give a 5 Star rating!!
Georginia Hossack October 6 2018

Wrestler Kane Meet & Greet

Amazing experience.
Made my sons whole birthday that much more amazing!
Very kind service and will definitely do this again.

Crystal Yetman October 6 2018

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn performed exquisitely for my friend's birthday.
He said it was the best gift he ever got.
He wore her lipstick on his cheeks all day.

Thanks again
Ron Drysdale October 4 2018

Princess Belle Royal Storybook Visit

I definitely recommend Scheme A Dream to everyone.
Great service!
I hired Princess Belle for my 3 year old birthday party and it was a hit!
kids loved her.

Teresa Barbee September 30 2018

RENT A NERD's Lester Polyester Mini Comedy Roast

Still laughing & getting texts about him!!
He had EVERYONE in stitches!!!
Gave out Scheme a Dream info to people there who thought this was the best thing ever!

THANK YOU to Lester Polyester for making this,and I quote"' an epic" birthday!!
Tracy September 29 2018

Female Nerd Mini Comedy Roast

I recently booked a female nerd to embarrass my husband at work for his 40th birthday.
And embarrass is exactly what she did!
This performer was fantastic!
My husband works at Shaw and she had everyone believing that she was a customer.
She was absolutely fantastic and had everyone rolling in laughter.
She made sure she had a good crowd and got everyone involved in the show.
She ended with some hilarious songs that made everyone just die of laughter.
I highly recommend Scheme A Dream.
They were easy to deal with, organized and reliable!
I even had to change the dates because of unforeseen circumstances and they were so accommodating!
I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company and our experience!

Thank you again.
Jenny Lyn September 28 2018


Weather was horrible!
BUT Justin was great and a trooper.
Please pass along our thanks for his assistance and willingness to work in some not so great weather conditions.

All the best!
Amy Brake September 27

"Brandman" Superhero

Your Super hero performer was great.
He was very pleasant to work with and interacted well with our clients.

Thanks again.
Betty Wilson September 27 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

Elvis was a hit with the girls soccer team!
Please extend him a B-I-G thank you from Niverville!

Gerald Negrave September 24 2018

Betty Boop Show

Betty Boop was a hit!
She really did a great job and was very well received by the residents.

Thanks again.
Corey Francis September 18 2018

Garth Brooks Mini Concert

We had a Garth Brooks impersonator come out to an 80th birthday party.
He was excellent.
Would highly recommend him.
The birthday girl was thrilled.

Thank you Scheme a Dream.
Toni Kostyra September 15 2018

Batman Meet and Greet

Batman was amazing!
He did a great job with all of the kids.
I have used Scheme A Dream for my son's last three birthdays.

Thanks again.
Barbee Blair September 15 2018

Moana Royal Storybook Visit

It went great!
Moana was wonderful.
All of my guests enjoyed her so much and my daughter can't stop talking it.

Thank you Scheme A Dream.
We'll be returning customers.

Crystal Medel September 15 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Very entertaining, thoroughly enjoyed by all!!

Thanks again.
Tammy Mayberry September 14 2018


Things could not have gone better!
We loved Justin as did our guests.
The caricatures were a big hit and everyone said it was the best party we'd ever had to date.
The dogs were calm and Justin quite captured their essence.
I'm so glad we found him through Scheme A Dream when we were looking for an artist.

Denise Ward September 2 2018

Harley Quinn Adventure Party

She was AMAZING!
My daughter was really shy at first but Harley really helped her get over that quick.
All the kids had so much fun with her.

Thanks so much.

Ashley Wettläufer August 26 2018

Fire Marshall Bill Comical Strip A Gram

Thank you for arranging to have the “Fireman” sent to our backyard bonfire birthday party!
He was a hoot!
He made it very personal by remembering all the details provided on the birthday girl.
His act was tastefully done and everyone at the party joined in on singing the songs he provided for his skit!
I would HIGHLY recommend Scheme a Dream for anyone wanting to add lots of laughter to their party or special event.

Susan McElrea Saturday, August 25 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

A 5 Star presentation!!
Marilyn Monroe was enjoyed by more than 60 people who helped celebrate my brother's 60th Birthday.
Was great fun!!

Bill Kachur August 25 2018

Axel Rose

'Axel Rose' appeared at a corporate event we held.
Axel was there to surprise our General Manager for his birthday on the same day.
Axel did an awesome job & had the crowd howling.
We would definitely use Scheme a Dream again.
Great service!!

Heather Hammel August 15 2018

Zombie Telegram

The Zombie was a hit!
The feedback from the guest was, "it was lots of fun and we all thought she did a great job".
I wasn't sure how it would turn out when I booked it but it turned out great.

Thank you Zombie Lady
Rose McCuaig August 4 2018

Fire Marshall Bill Comical Strip A Gram

It all went very well.
Thanks for all your help and all the laughs.
We won't forget this anytime soon.

Lisa Robert July 29 2018

Elvis Telegram

We had Elvis Las Vegas out to a friends birthday party & he did an amazing job.
A lot of laughs, a lot of fun and a professional job.
I would recommend anybody to use Scheme A Dream as a night's entertainment.

Thanks again.
Chuck Lewis July 28 2018

Elsa and Anna Royal Storybook Visit

We had Elsa & Anna for my daughters 4th birthday party this past weekend, and it was fabulous!
All the kids were so excited and entertained.
They sang their songs (great voices), read their story, played pin the nose on Olaf, and gave glitter tattoos to everyone as well as necklaces.
They also helped with presenting the cake which made that moment even more special.
As an add on I got my daughter the metal tiara which Elsa presented to her.
She had all the children do a drum roll to make it more exciting.
My daughter was over the moon excited to be crowned an as offical princess by the ice princess herself.
All the parents were very impressed as Elsa & Anna were able to entertain all of the children on their own.
I would definitely recommend Scheme a Dream to anyone looking to hire someone for their child’s next birthday party!
Well worth it!

Santana McKay July 28 2018

Shania Twain Mini Concert

Everything went very well.
It was nice and enjoyable entertainment for all.

Thank you
Brenda Twerdun July 27 2018

Elvis Concert

Elvis is alive and well in Winnipeg!
He looked and sounded just like the real Elvis.
The best show ever!
We were impressed from set up to the show to the end for pictures.

Monina Romana July 25 2018

Entertainment Package

(Batman, Spiderman, Cinderella, Moana, Balloon Twister, Face Painter)

They did an awesomely amazing job with the kid's today.
I was very super pleased with their services and looking forward to booking them for other events.

Thank you Scheme A Dream!
Del Abraham July 25 2018

Ironman Adventure Party

Iron man was a real hit.
It was a small party (7 kids) and a small area (we were forced inside by the heat and a wasps nest) but he played great games and won over even the shyest kids.
My kids are still talking about it, and ask me when iron man is coming back to visit.  

Thanks again! 
Linda Manimtim  July 22 2018


Ariel Royal Meet and Greet

Wonderful Experience!
Ariel did an amazing job staying in character even though our little girl was VERY shy!
She was very enchanting and has a very beautiful singing voice.
We will recommend your company to friends for sure!

Thanks again.
Angel Owens July 19 2018

Spiderman Visit

Thank you so much for always making it so easy!
The kids had a great time.
Spiderman was GREAT!!

Rachel Nedelec July 19 2018

Female Police Officer Telegram

Things went even better than I expected.
He was totally shocked and really thought he was getting arrested.
Thank you.
I will definitely be doing this again.

Ryan Lanning July 18

Rapunzel Meet and Greet

Rapunzel was a total hit with the kids and adults!
She did an awesome job.
I would highly recommend and will definitely use your services again.

Thanks again!!!
Patrick McCabe July 15 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

Elvis was great!
He was funny and friendly, even given the blistering heat!
Please tell Elvis we were very happy and felt he did a great job
It really was great!

Genevieve Woollard July 14 2018

Captain Jack Pirate Adventure Party

We had CaptainJack Sparrow at my sons birthday party and he was amazing!
He was very patient with the kids he played his role really good!
He was super funny and the kids absolutely loved him!
Plus hes captain jack sparrow!
Us adults enjoyed just watching him be! 😍 would definitely do this again!!

Thanks again.
Crystal Dalguir July 14 2018

Frozen Party - Elsa, Anna, Olaf Royal Visit

What an amazing time!
Parents, you MUST book them!
It’s not just your child’s hero or daughters princess... it’s an hour of entertainment they will never forget.
PLUS: You can just watch and relax as your kids have a BLAST!
We all need that!!!
This is the third time we’ve used them and every time parents ask us “How did you find them!?’”

Just book it, thank me later

Miguel Carrasco July 11 2018

Superman and Wonder Woman Adventure Party

Our center had Superman and Wonder Woman come last week and they were amazing.
They played hide and seek with the children and taught them the importance of being honest and polite.
They were wonderful with the children and I would recommend them to anyone.

Michelle Fay July 11 2018

Darth Vader Ultimate Challenge

Darth was fantastic!
Thank you very much.
My son loved his party and says, "an awesome party and my favourite Dark Side Character"!

Arlana Vadnais July 8 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

I would definitely recommend her.
She was on time and audience enjoyed her performance.

Angie Wiens July 7 2018

Garden Gnome Telegram

It was GREAT!!

Thank you
Jordyn Woods July 1 2018

Austin Powers With Comical Strip A Gram

Austin powers was absolutely wonderful.
We had a fantastic time with him.
I highly recommend him if your looking for something fun!
Excellent job!

Christina Derendorf June 28 2018

Marilyn Monroe Mini Concert

Hired Scheme a Dream as the entertainment for our event cancelled less than a week before.
Called and Marilyn Monroe was suggested and it was perfect.
She asked questions that left the guests asking how she knew so much about the guest of honour.
I would hire again in a second.

Thanks again.
Anthony Fernando

Johnny Cash Telegram

I discovered an ad on a street bus bench and thought what a great idea!
I hired a Johnny Cash impersonator for my sister's birthday and it was the best experience!
He sang a few songs and congratulated her.
Surprised my sister and she enjoyed it!
Definitely recommend giving this a try!!!

Thanks again.
Jessica Pierre June 28 2018

Arresting Police Woman

She was great!
We had a lot of laughs.

Thanks for your help.
Pat Meagher June 26 2018

Darth Vader Ultimate Challenge

Darth was great!
The kids had a great time.
My son loved him.
We hadn't told him he was coming so it was a surprise for him.
Thank you.
And please say thank you to Darth as well.

Penka Thompson June 25 2018

Darth Vader Ultimate Challenge

Darth did very well.
The kids had lots of fun.
My 2 year old has been humming the Darth theme song while playing with his brother's Star Wars lego since Darth's visit.

Thank you very much.
Greg and Lynette Buchanan June 24 2018

Darth Vader Ultimate Challenge

We had a fantastic party for my 6 year old son with Darth Vader.
The kids were all very intrigued and attentive.
Darth kept them very occupied with lots of fun games and learning about the force.
The kids were engaged the entire time.
We got lots of photos and had cake with Darth at the end of the party.
Highly recommend scheme a dream it really brought a magical feeling to our sons party.

Thank you!
Chelsea Adamack June 24 2018

Ironman Adventure Party

The kids had a blast.

Thank you so much.
Ashley Willoughby June 23

Spiderman Meet & Greet

Spiderman did very well.
My son was so happy to see his favourite Super hero.
Spiderman knew his information.
He got tested by the boys and he did well.


Zelia Morin June 23 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Marilyn was excellent.
She was on time and stayed in character.
I'd give her 5 Stars!

Melanie Gemmill June 22 2018

Johnny Cash Telegram

Hired “the man in black” for my grandmothers 90th birthday.
What a great surprise for her and her 70 closest friends and family.
Everyone was very impressed.

Thanks Scheme A Dream
Rod Helm June 16 2018

Elvis Mini Concert

He was great!!
Really good.
Lots of laughs.

Thanks again.
Annette Clay June 16 2018

Spiderman Visit

Spider-Man was amazing!
This is the 3rd time we have used Scheme-a-Dream and we will continue to use them in the future!

Shannon Saunders June 16 2018

Luke SkyWalker Ultimate Challenge Party

Luke Skywalker was a big hit!
He was super engaging and the kids had a great time.

Jennifer Thorsteinsson June 16 2018

Optimus Prime Adventure Party

We received the most amazing Optimus Prime for my son's 6th birthday!
Not only did he play the part so well, he kept 10 busy kids entertained for an entire hour!
I would highly recommend Optimus Prime for any Transformers fan!

Laurie Pozernick June 16 2018

Cinderella and Ninjas Raphael / Leonardo Meet & Greets

We would like to thank Margaret, Cinderella and the two Ninja Turtles for making our grand-daughter's birthday party a wonderful day.
Our birthday girl was very surprised, she was in shock to see Cinderella in person as she looked very much like the real Cinderella.
Cinderella was very patient with our birthday girl who was acting very shy, but Cinderella did not give up and was able to get the birthday girl to talk to her.
She sang a song while she danced and her voice was so beautiful she captured everyone's attention, all the little ones gathered around her, it was wonderful to see.
And then came the Ninja Turtles who did a great job not only with the little ones but we must say the grown ups were more excited to see them and all wanted to get pictures with there childhood heroes.

Once again we would like to than Margaret and her staff for doing such a great job and we would highly recommend Scheme a Dream to anyone who asks.
Cyrina LaFrenais June 16 2018

Cinderella and Ninjas Raphael / Leonardo Meet & Greets

Thank you so much.
Your staff was great!!
Everyone loved them.

Thanks again.
Greg June 16 2018

Balloon Bouquet and Delivery

Scheme a Dream delivered an Amazing balloon bouquet for my grandson’s 1st Birthday.
Thank you!
Thank you so very kindly to Margaret!!
I would not hesitate to order from Scheme A Dream again.
They did an fantastic job!
Worth more than 5 Stars!

Sharlene Klymuik June 16 2018

Johnny Cash Telegram

We got Johnny Cash to come down and surprise our good friend.
To say the least it was a good time with a great memory.
What a great birthday surprise for someone that is hard to surprise.
Our shop is still buzzing about it.
Thank you so much again for being able to make this happen last minute.
I would definitely use this service again!!
Thanks Scheme A Dream for perfect gift!

Ben Blaze June 9 2018

Moana Story Telling Visit

Scheme a Dream is excellent!
I have used them for the past 2 years for my daughters birthdays and each time they deliver a wonderful show that is enjoyable for all ages.
My favorite package they offer is the Royal Storybook under Princess Parties.
I get my girls to choose their favorite princess and they come out and entertain by singing, dancing, reading the children a story, there is glitter tattoos and well as assisting the birthday child with opening their gifts.
Margaret is amazing, she makes planning a birthday less stressful the moment she picks up the phone.
She asks if you have an idea what you would like and if you are unsure she takes the time to explain the different packages she offers.
I highly recommend using Scheme a dream for anyone looking at wanting something different/unique for any entertainment purposes.
They always deliver!

Randi Slusarchuk June 9 2018

Princess Belle Storytelling Visit

Had Belle for a princess party for my 3&6 year old.
Belle had them amazed the whole time; the song and dance was by far the most captivating part of her routine!

Thanks for a great birthday event!
Jennifer Epp June 9 2018

Ironman Adventure Party

Wow Ironman was awesome!!
We will definitely do this again! The Kids loved him!

Miguel Carrasco June 9 2018

Shrek Meet & Greet

Shrek was Absolute great!
The performer who came was awesome.
Super nice, great shrek voice and adapted to the kids so welll!!! He definitely exceeded my expectations.

Tony Braddio June 3 2018

Austin Powers Comedy Roast and Comical Strip A Gram

The Austin Powers Character was fantastic and amazing.
He had everybody laughing the whole time.
Very impressed with everything.

Thanks for a great time.
Dallas Radcliffe June 2 2018

Flash Visit

The Flash was great!
Best one yet! The kids absolutely loved it & haven’t stopped talking about him.
I can’t thank you enough for 3 perfect years in a row.
All your entertainers go out of their way to make the kids feel special.
We will be calling again next year!

Brittany Hay June 2 2018

Spiderman Meet & Greet

The kids had soooo much fun!

Thanks so much.
Christin May 27 2018


Austin Powers Telegram

Austin Powers was great!
Given that the audience was school administration and students alike the performance was very engaging for everyone.
Everyone LOVED it.
My wife's students had never experienced something like that.
My wife said one student came up to her and said he didn't know what was going on for a short bit.
He thought it was a student professing his love to my wife. Lol.
She was indeed very surprised and flattered that I arranged Austin Powers to visit her.
Everyone was able to relate to the character.

Thank you very much
Daryl Ollson May 25 2018

Cinderella Storybook Visit

Cinderella was great with the children!
She kept them well entertained, some guests didn't realize that there were children in the room.
We will be calling you again in the fall for our first birthday party.

Thank you.
Carla Borges May 20 2018

Face Painter

The lady did an amazing job, the kids really enjoyed her work.
Along with the parents.
She even did one last little girl when her time was ended.
I really appreciated that as the little girl was a late comer.
Definitely will use this for my other boys bday in October!!

Thank you!!
Jennifer Boudreau May 19 2018


Face Painter and Minnie Mouse

We had face paint and Minnie Mouse for my daughters 3rd birthday and it was great!
She is still talking about how Minnie Mouse came to her party.
We will for sure be going with scheme a dream for all birthdays!.

Thank you Minnie and Scheme A Dream !
Paige Watcher May 26 2018


Slum Landlord Comedy Telegram

"Mario" The Landlord was fantastic.
He far surpassed what I was expecting!
He really did his homework and you would swear he was actually a greasy landlord.

Thanks for making my husband's 50th extra special.
Michelle Durighello May 12 2018


Spiderman Adventure Party

Spiderman was wonderful!!!
He was perfect and the kids loved him.
Highly recommended.

Thank you so much!!
Tanya Yumang May 12 2018


Superheroes Meet & Greet: Batman, Spider Man, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man

Always a great experience with Scheme A Dream!
This past weekend the Superheroes .. Batman, Spider Man, Hulk, Captain America & Iron Man were all fabulous at my son's Birthday Party!
Everyone Loved It!
Thank You!!!
Highly Recommended!

Sandi Gravito Saturday May 12 2018

Marilyn Monroe Mini Concert

Was at a Gala where 'Marilyn Monroe' made a surprise visit and it made the night!
The Marilyn Impersonator was absolutely fabulous - on point with her voice and
diction, her mannerisms, as well as her costume.
She was a great singer when she sang a few Marilyn songs.
Very charming dialogue.
If you are looking for a way to make your event or party top notch, Scheme A Dream
can certainly deliver.

Thanks Marilyn!!!
Maureen Becker May 5 2018

Elvis Telegram

We have hired from Scheme a Dream twice.
Once 20 years ago, as Lester Polyester for my moms 60th, now 20 years later, the same guy, as Elvis.
He is so talented, I can't say enough good about him!
Does he ever age?
I have referred many people to Scheme a Dream and I will keep on referring!
Best place ever, and a good price too!

Teresa Olson May 3 2018


Princess Sophia the 1st Storybook Visit and Minnie Mouse Meet and Greet

Thank you, Minnie Mouse and Sophia The First for the fantastic day you created.
They were awesome!!
The party was a complete success and made the party one she will ever forget.
The surprise grand entrance with Minnie Mouse and Sophia the first was perfect.
My daughter was so happy and she had a big smile on her face the entire time.
The kids absolutely love them both!!
The children and adults truly enjoyed themselves.
We received many compliments about your fabulous team.
It was a truly a pleasure to deal with you and your service was professional in every aspect.
Thanks again for such an excellent service.

Janet Brown April 29 2018


Elvis and Shania Twain Mini Concerts

The Shainia & Elvis entertainers were awesome.
Our sound system did not do justice for Elvis but he has a wonderful voice.
Shainia was entertaining and she could easily pass as Shainia if you have never seen Shania performing.
We had an super audience, young and old, and overall, they were thoroughly impressed.

Jean Jackson April 21 2018

Elsa Storybook Visit

We had a wonderful experience with Princess Elsa this weekend.
She kept our kids entertained the entire time.
I would definitely recommend Scheme A Dream!!

Georgia Carrette April 21 2018


Poppy Troll Dance Party

Poppy was Fantastic this weekend!
The kids really enjoyed her.
She really brought the Party to life and work well with the limited space we had.
Thanks to poppy, we will be booking with SCHEME A DREAM again.

Kayla Wells April 21 2018


Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn surprised my husband at his work on his 50th birthday and she was a hit.
He was so surprised; he said it was the best birthday surprise ever!
We have hired them for other occasions and they are always outstanding!
The party goers absolutely love them.

Janet Bier April 19 2018

Flash Adventure Party

Flash went very well.
We love you guys and the service you guys offer!
My son is still talking about when Spider man came to his birthday 2 years ago and when Batman came last year.

We have used Scheme A Dream for the past 3 years, and absolutely LOVE them!
We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a superhero for a childs Birthday Party!
Will be booking again in the future.

Thank you Scheme A Dream for the awesome service that you offer!
Twila Werbenuk April 14 2018

David Bowie Mini Concert

Everyone loved David Bowie!
He was Great!
We couldn't have planned anything better for our guest of honor.
I wanted to send my friend something fun and a little embarrassing.
Scheme A Dream put together a perfect package.
I'm going to use their services again very soon.

Cory Krivoshea April 13 2018


RENT A NERD Greta Geek Comedy Roast

OMG...funny, fun and professional.
We had Scheme a Dream for my husbands 60th birthday..everyone had so much fun..lots of laughs and highlight of the evening.
We all highly recommend their service and will definitely use again for other gatherings.

Greta Geek was amazing ...
A true Professional!!

Debbie Karpyza April 8 2018

Rapunzel Storybook Visit

We had Rapunzel visit for my nieces 2nd Birthday.
She was so wonderful and professional.
It made the birthday girl so happy to have her favourite princess at her party.

Carly Dalmyn April 8 2018

rapunzel review rapunzel review 2

Spiderman Adventure Party

We recently used Scheme a Dream for an emergency party.
We had a mishap with a 4 year old party, and needed to create a new plan fast!
I called Scheme A Dream at noon, and they had Spiderman at our house within hours.
If it wasn't for them the poor little boy would have not had a 4th birthday!

Thank you Scheme a Dream for saving the day!

Bobbi Fast March 31 2018

Batman, Elsa and Anna, Ninja Leonardo Meet & Greets

Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle(Leonardo), Princess Elsa and Anna all attended the parent/teacher event at Long Plain First Nation.
It went fantastic!
The children really loved interacting with all the characters.
The mascot was awesome!

Wenonah March 31 2018
Long Plain First Nation

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

What a great experience I had your with company.
Great service and great value!!
I highly recommend to anyone thinking about this type of thing!!

Pat Martin March 29 2018

Elvis Telegram

We had an Elvis inpersonater for my mother in laws surprise birthday party, and he was amazing!!!!
Sang, danced, and played the guitar.
The whole crowd just adored him!
I would definitely recommend scheme a dream for any special occasion!

Mary Hanuschak March 24 2018

Austin Powers Telegram

I sent my sister a telegram of Austin Powers for her 30th birthday.
It was great and so much fun!
He sang to her, danced with her ...
Scheme a Dream was very quick to respond and easy to work with to get everything set up.
The performer showed up on time, looked just like Austin Powers, and even sent me a picture of them together afterwards.
I recommend this for a birthday surprise.
The performance is good quality and a lot of laughs!

Markayla Adam March 22 2018

Jon Bon Jovi Telegram

We booked a singing telegram to surprise a friend at work for her birthday.
I had a lot of questions at first, unsure which performer to choose, and the company always responded right away to my emails answering all my questions and helping me make a decision.
We had Bon Jovi come out and he was great!
He interacted well with the birthday girl and the rest of the audience, sang well and had all of the personal details memorized.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!

Bobbie Fast March 21 2018


Elsa Storybook Visit

Elsa was wonderful today!!
My daughter and all the lil ones were thrilled.
Thank Elsa again and thank you as well.

Britany Patzer March 17 2018


Leprechaun Balloon Twister

Thank you for our wonderful balloon twisting leprechaun.
He was amazing, so great with the kids and parents.
We all thought he was awesome.
The kids loved his balloons as much as interacting with him!
Birthday or not we want him back next year. :)

Thanks again
Courtney Lechman March 17 2018


Bon Jovi Mini Concert

Jon Bon Jovi was fantastic!
My sister enjoyed it completely.
He interacted with her and the crowd beautifully.

Thank you so much!
Nicole L'Heureux March 13 2018


Ozzy Osbourne Mini Concert

We had Ozzy come for my husband's 40th birthday and it was a great time.
He introduced himself and went around the room of 40 people and said hello individually.
He sang quite well and sounded great with the stereo system and even got the Birthday boy to come up and sing with him.
I would do it all over again!!!
Was so worth it.
Everyone loved the show.

Thank you so much.
Lydia DeGangne Saturday, March 10 2018


Tarot Reader

Hired the tarot card reader for my wife�s 40th bday.
She was able to accommodate a late evening booking.
Very good experience and lots of fun!

Thanks again.
Martin Vincent March 10 2018

Nurse Cc Comedy Roast

This is the second time we�ve used Scheme A Dream and we were extremely satisfied!!
This time we hired the �nurse annual check up� comedy roast for my husbands 40th birthday.
She put on an awesome show!!
She had our group in stitches the whole time and did a great job embarrassing the birthday boy.
My husband loves pranking others so this was a long time coming!!
Thank you to Margaret who was very helpful and was available to answer all my questions!

I would definitely recommend Scheme A Dream to friends and family!!
Jennifer Peters March 10 2018

Marilyn Monroe Show

Marilyn attended my birthday/retirement party.
She was great!
Very entertaining and the guests really enjoyed her.
Margaret at Scheme a Dream suggested we go with Marilyn for the perfect fit even though we had seen her entertain previously at my brother-in-law's birthday.
Glad we went with Margaret's suggestion as she was funny and entertaining and from what I remember she put on a bit of a different show.
She plays to the crowd, which is very good.

Thank you Marilyn!
Angie Anderson March 3 2018

Elvis Telegram

Elvis put on a great show as a birthday surprise for my girlfriend's office.
Everyone had a good laugh and she was fully embarrassed, which was the intent.
This is the second time I've used Scheme A Dream and I certainly will again!

Mike February 21 2018


Austin Powers Comedy Roast

Austin Powers was a amazing!
A total HIT!
Talk of the town and everyone is asking where I got him.
We definitely will get the word out.

Charmain Buium February 21 2018


Betty Boop Valentine Telegram

I had Betty Boop go to my boyfriend's work for Valentine's day.
He absolutely loved it and the video I saw was adorable.
She did such a good job and his work buddies loved it!

Jey Nowicki February 14 2018

Nerd Valentine Telegram (Edmonton)

I just wanted to let you know that your performer was amazing and brought my wife to tears of joy.
Thank you!

Adam Eustace February 14 2018

RENT A NERD's 'Greta Geek' Valentine Telegram

Big Thanks for your Big Help!.
He Had fun and even the office too!
She had A LOT of good comments .. "It was a classic", they said.
You'll get calls for sure because of the show.

Thanks again.
Susan Necan February 13 2018

Captain America Adventure Party

He was amazing!
We were very happy with him.

Thank you again.
Ananda Odwanzy February 11 2018

Bon Jovi Mini Concert and Roast

He was SOOOO GOOD!! It was a HIT!
She LOVED it!!
Thanks to Bon Jovi for the very entertaining stop at our birthday gal LA's soire.
We laughed, we sang and we made even more great memories!
Good times! Good times!
Thank you
Elizabeth Fallis February 10 2018

Elvis Telegram

He was amazing!!
He absolutely made the night.

Thanks again.
Jamie Plesh February 9 2018

Spiderman Adventure Party

The kids loved playing games and working out with spider man!
The look on my boys face when spider man came to his party was worth it all!
He was great with the kids, very interactive, kept in character and added a wow factor to my boys big day!
He asked to see Spider-Man again tomorrow!
Scheme a dream has overall been very helpful and professional!
I will definitely recommend your services as well as use them for future event!

Thank you!
Tiffany February 4 2018

Ariel Storybook Princess

Ariel was SO GREAT!
The children loved her.

Thanks again.
Tara Campbell February 3 2018


FROZEN Party - Elsa and Anna Storybook Princess Party

Everything was great!
Elsa and Anna were fantastic!

Thanks again.
Candace January 29 2018

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Awesome delivery tonight.
Much appreciated.

Thanks again.
Norman Alegria January 27 2018

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

That was fantastic
Thank you so much.
She was amazing!

Jackie Rosetti January 6 2018

Shania Twain Mini Concert

Shania was excellent.
She was AMAZING!!
I would recommend her to anyone.

Thanks again.
Yvonne Chartrand December 31 2018

Tim The Tool Man Taylor

Tim The Tool Man was very good.
Professional, on time and FUN!!
The roast was HILARIOUS!
He has a good singing voice too.

Lenore December 29 2017

Elvis Telegram

Elvis came as a "surprise bonus" for my daughter-in-laws 50th.
WOW, Amazing!
The Birthday girl was so Surprised & Thrilled.
Elvis was Perfect.
I recommend Scheme A Dream for anyone who loves ELVIS
Thank you to Elvis & Scheme A Dream

A Very Happy Customer!
Dianne Wright December 29 2017


Santa and Mrs Claus

They were amazing!
We will have them back next year.

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!
Sandy Streich December 22 2017

RENT A NERD's Greta Geek Comedy Roast

Thank you to Greta for attending our Christmas Party.
We all had a GREAT time!!

Chesley Garland December 15 2017

Elvis and Marilyn Mini Concerts

We had a lot of fun.
Everything went really well.

Thank you!!!
Renda Laurone December 10 2017

Santa Visit

Hello & Happy Holidays!!
Thank you for joining The Met for their annual Brunch with Santa!

Wishing you a safe and happy season!
All the best for 2018!

Kat Harder December 10 2017

Beauty and the Beast Party

They were great!
So professional.

Thank you so much!
Arlene Castanaga December 10 2017


Elsa and Anna Princess Storybook Party

I had Elsa and Anna come to perform for my daughters 4th bday.
They were FANTASTIC!!!
My daughter loved them and they made the party memorable.
They were absolutely great!
Awesome service.

Delaney Hill December 2 2017

Black Widow Telegram

She was amazing!
The actress was absolutely fantastic.
I saw the video and I can honestly say, it was perfect!
My husband was mortified, embarrassed and the complete center attention at his work place.
When you remember special events in your life, you do not remember what people say or do, but you remember how you feel.
At the end of the day although my husband was embarrassed, he did feel loved that someone who go to this extent for him.
This is what it was all about.

Thank you.
Karen Colley November 30 2017

Corporate Santa Visit

Everything went great.
He arrived right on time, remembered most of the kids, and everything went really well.

Ashley MacLennan November 26 2017

Corporate Entertainment Package - Hypnotist, DJ, Caricaturist

Thank you very much for helping us out.
The Hypnotist and the Caricaturist were fabulous.
DJ spun some great tunes.
We wouldn�t leave him alone.

Christina Gaudette November 25 2017

Elvis Telegram

Thank you for providing the entertainer last night in Selkirk.
Elvis was fantastic and everyone loved it.
I will be forwarding your contact number on for other events.

Douglas Earnes November 25 2017


Minnie Mouse Mascot Meet & Greet

Letting you know how happy we were with Minnie Mouse for my daughter�s 2nd birthday party this past weekend!
Minnie was amazing with my daughter and all the other kids(and adults!) at the party.
I am so glad we booked her and will definitely be recommending her to friends/family.
Thanks again!

Crystal Smadella November 18 2017

Santa and Face Painting Elf

We really enjoyed having your Santa and Face Painter at our Westeel Children�s Christmas party.
Santa was a huge hit.
He was very professional and did really well with the children for there were lots of them.
We had lots of compliments on the Santa.
The girl who did the face painting was amazing with the kids and her face painting was cute and well done.
The children loved getting their face painted and the holiday theme she painted for them made the event all that much better.
She was a great addition to the party.
Can you please again thank them for us on an exceptional job.
As well as, thank you for setting it all up for us.
You for sure will be hearing from us again next year.

Ryleigh Carr November 18 2017

Batman and Cinderella Meet & Greet

It was PERFECT!!

Thank you so much.
Rachel Nedelec November 12 2017

Super Heroes: Batman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Ironman

The Super heroes were a HIT!
The kids and adults LOVED it!
I have no idea how I'm going to Top that!

Thanks so much for getting that together.
Diana Grivicic-Jackson November 12 2017

Spiderman Adventure Party

Spiderman was GREAT!!
The kids loved him.

Ashely Dunn November 12 2017

RENT A NERD's 'Lester Polyester'- Mini Comedy Roast

He did an AMAZING performance!
Had everyone in stitches that night.
Very well done.
We will definitely use him again for the next party.

Thanks again for a job well done.
Ralph Jackson November 4 2017

Austin Powers Telegram and Dance

Thank you so much!
He was GREAT!!

Amanda Johnstone November 4 2017

Marilyn Monroe Mini Concert

Thank you Marilyn!!
Everyone loved her. It was amazing!!
Good job!!
We will connect again, I am sure.

Viktoria Mostkov October 29 2017

Elvis Mini Concert and Wedding Vows

It was an amazing time.
He was great!

Thank you.
Debbie McMaster October 28 2017

Cows Lawn Greeting

Just wanted to say, "thanks for the Birthday Cows".
They were a hit with the kids and my hubby was definitely surprised!
I will share my great experience with my friends with high recommendations.

Thanks for making it extra special!
Jackie Rude October 25 2017

RENT A NERD's 'Greta Geek' Comedy Roast

Greta was fantastic!!
Scott loved her.
She was incredible!

Thank you so much for sending her, she was a definite hit!
Cindy October 21 2017

Batman Adventure Party

Batman was great!
My son loved it and all the kids had a great time.

Thanks again.
Tristan Flock October 22 2017

Marilyn Monroe and Shania Twain Mini Concerts

Marilyn and Shania were amazing!
The performers were excellent.
The way they worked with the audience was spectacular!
Everyone loved the performances and have been taking about it for days.

Ashley Tully October 14 2017

Elvis, Marilyn, James Bond, Charlie Chapling Intermingle Meet & Greet

Thank you very much!
It was a lot of fun.
A great addition to the event.

Sarah Henry October 10, 2017
Winnipeg Harvest Fundraiser

Balloon Twister

The Balloon Twister is amazing and worth the money.
Everyone is mesmerized!
Loved the guy!!
We will definitely recommend him.

Thanks again.
Whitney Milnes October 9 2017

RENT A NERD 'Lester Polyester' - Comedy Roast

Huge Thanks to our performer tonight!!
He was just amazing!
My Aunt was stunned and blown away and he was phenomenal!
Amazing singer and guitar player too!
Thank you for all your help!
We were thoroughly impressed!!!
Thank you for making this happen basically with 1 week notice.

Happy thanksgiving weekend!
Amanda Korbutiak October 8 2017


Austin Powers - Comical Strip A Gram


Paulo Andrade October 7 2017

Poppy Troll Dance Party

Thank you to Poppy.
It was all awesome!
The kids had a ton of fun!

Lee Patterson October 7 2017


Poppy Troll Dance Party

Poppy was great!!
She was a hit!!
The kids were so excited!!

Thanks again.
Kayla Waditaka October 6 2017


Johnny Cash Telegram

He was GREAT!
She was so surprised!
He even sang her a third song as a serenade which was very nice.

Thanks again.
Chantal Best October 5 2017


RENT A NERD 'Greta Geek' - Comical Strip A Gram

Greta was awesome!
She was lots of fun.

Thank you. Great job!
Simone Richard October 5 2017

Entertainment Package
(Face Painter, Glitter Tattoo Artist, Balloon Twister, Raphael and Leonardo)

I booked a very last minute Birthday Party for my daughter.
Margret accommodated all my needs.
I had a face painter, a body glitter tattoo artist, a Balloon Twister who entertained the kids with amazing balloon animals.
I also rented 2 Ninja turtle costumes for the day at a very reasonable price.
My expectations were exceeded and I will be using Scheme a Dream again!!

Jennifer F September 26 2017

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn was fantastic!
I have used the same performer before and she is great!!
Everyone was very entertained.

Thanks again.
Ingid North September 24 2017

Madonna Mini Concert

She was amazing!
Absolutely fabulous!
We all loved her and everyone is still talking about her.
She got the party started and got everyone dancing.
I have used Scheme A Dream so many time and will continue for everything.

Thanks again.
Maria Perreira September 23 2017

Marilyn Monroe Mini Concert

Thank you Marilyn!!
Everyone loved her.
It was amazing!!

We will connect again, I am sure.
Tina September 22 2017

Chicken Lady Comedy Telegram

The Chicken Lady was very funny!!
Thanks again for accommodating on such short notice.

Robyn Van Dam September 20 2017

Nurse Cc Mini Comedy Roast

Everything was great yesterday thank you!
Nurse CC stayed a bit later which we appreciated.
She was funny and entertaining!

Thanks Again.
Sharron Elliot September 19 2017

Rapunzel Princess Storybook Visit

It was a GREAT party!
Ciara cannot believe she met her favourite Princess.
Her sister is already talking about which Princess will come to her party!!

Thanks so much for making this happen with such short notice.
Dean Dubois September 17 2017


RENT A NERD 'Lester Polyester' - Mini Comedy Roast

Thanks to Lester Polyester for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding.
People were crying from laughing so hard!!
Pam's 50th is 2 years away :)

Thanks again.
David Petch Saturday, September 16 2017

RENT A NERD 'Greta Geek' - Comedy Roast

She was awesome and everyone loved her!
I saw Great Geek perform at our Christmas Party last year and just had to get her for my Linda's 70th.

Thanks again.
Tiffany September 15 2017

Bag Lady Nerdette

This was "Randi" who came into the pub looking for my husband Attila at his surprise 60th birthday party.
She was absolutely hilarious and did a FANTASTIC job.
We laughed and laughed.
This little skit was worth every penny and I highly recommend her for any party you might need entertainment here in Edmonton.
Just call Scheme A Dream and talk to Margaret.
This was so easy to arrange and again - worth every penny.

Thanks Margaret and especially you Randi!! � at Newcastle Pub & Grill.
Joey Carothers (Edmonton) September 9 2017

Cinderella Storybook Visit

I highly recommend Cinderella.
She is so pretty and she made my daughter and the other children so happy!

Thank you so much.
Ginalyn De Guzam September 9 2017

Spiderman Adventure Party

Spider-Man was amazing.
My son absolutely adored him, he was amazing with the children as well

Thank you.
Barbee Blair September 9 2017

Khaleesi Telegram - 'Game of Thrones'

We loved her.

Amber Combs September 3 2017

Moana Princess Storybook Visit

She was GREAT!!

Thank you.
Jem Punzalan September 3 2017


Marilyn Monroe Show

Marilyn was great.
She did a perfect job in every way and we thoroughly embarrassed the guest of honor.

Sandy De Simone August 28 2017

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn was FANTASTIC and very talented!
My mom absolutely loved the performance.
This is the 2nd time we have used Scheme A Dream.
First time was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and I loved her and now Marilyn.
Both times were amazing performances.

Thanks again for making her Birthday the highlight of the day.
Maryna Melnyk August 27 2017

Elton John Mini Concert

He did a GREAT JOB and everyone enjoyed his performance.

Thank you for your help.

Jody Seman August 26 2017

Elvis Telegram

Thank you again!
He was amazing and everyone loved him...!
He was extremely personable to all and even managed to get a few giggles out of our guests.
The wedding couple thought it was great and loved this surprise, that�s for sure.
Many people asked where we got him from and I gave the company name out several times that evening...hopefully more business to come!

Thank you again for making this happen for them!!!
Marlene Wray August 26 2017

Nurse Cc's Comedy Roast


Thank you.
Pam Williams August 26 2017

Moana Princess Storybook Visit

Moana was great!
She was professional and great with the kids!
I'm very pleased.

Sarah Negrych August 20 2017

Sleepy the Clown Performance

Sleepy nailed it!
5 Stars *****
Would have him back in a flash!

Thanks again.
He was perfect.

Cyrus August 19 2017

Entertainment Package
(Pirate Jack, Face painters, Glitter Tattoo and Balloon Twister Artists)

Things went well.
Pirate Jack was awesome and stayed in character the whole time, so believable.
I am unsure yet if I am doing the event again next year, I'll let you know as soon as I know if I am.

Geoff Archambault August 19 2017

Moana Princess Storybook Visit

Thank YOU!
Moana was awesome!!
So pleasant and patient with the kiddos.
They were all thrilled as were the adults.

Thanks again.
Kim Caetano August 19 2017

Burton Cummings Telegram

He was really good.
All went well.

Thanks again,
Larry Ring August 19 2017

Minion Meet & Greet

Minion was awesome!
It was a good surprise.

Cherrie August 19 2017

Elvis Telegram

Elvis did a great job!
He was fantastic.

Thanks again.
Michelle Tetrault August 13 2017

Air Brush Artist

Things went great yesterday.
The Air Brush Artist was wonderful to work with and everyone loved it.
We look forward to working with her again today.

Rhiannon Leier Blacher   August 10 2017

Moana Princess Storybook Visit

Thank you so much again.
Moana is GREAT!
She came on time.
She's very nice and kids love her!
All the kids had a blast

Thank you so much again.
Twinkle Sablan August 5 2017

Balloon Twisters

Things went GREAT with the Balloon Twisters.
Very nice staff you have.
Interactive and fun!

Thanks again.
Elaine Raybird August 5 2017

Sleepy The Clown - Balloon Twisting and Show

He was amazing!
The children loved him so much and the line up for balloons so long that we are keeping him until tomorrow.
The Show was great, his balloon designs are excellent.

We will be sure to use you again next year.
David Blake August 5 2017

RENT A NERD - Irate Customer

She was AWESOME!

Thanks again,
Meagan Korell August 2 2017

Belly Dancer

Things well with the Belly Dancer.
The Guest of Honour loved her performance and we appreciate it.

Maria Koscima July 22 2017

Caricature Artist

TThe Caricaturist, Justin, did a great job with the beach boardwalk guests and we were pleased overall with his work.
We will definitely keep him in mind for future events!
It was especially appreciated that he stayed a few minutes past the end of his shift so that he could draw �one more� caricature for an elderly guest who very badly wanted to be sketched before the end of the night.

Warm regards,
Joelle Doucet July 28, 29 2017

Moana Meet and Greet and Queen Elsa Storybook Visit

This is the second time I've used Scheme a Dream for my daughter's birthday party.
Both times the actor was excellent and engaged the kids very successfully.
The first time we had Elsa from "Frozen", the second time "Moana".
Margaret was professional, helpful, and the details were all worked out in advance.
The performers arrived on time and there were so many kids who were enraptured by the arrival of Moana particularly that it was delightful to watch their faces!

Thank you!
Emma Alexander July 20 2017


Darth Vader Jedi Party

We had Darth Vadar out to visit our summer camp kids yesterday and the kids LOVED him!
He arrived early, was right on time for the scheduled time after getting ready/dressed, and was great with the kids.
The summer camp leaders were very impressed and happy with how well he interacted with the kids.
We will definitely be booking with Scheme a Dream again next year for some special visitors for our summer camps!

Thank you,
Donna Watts July 19 2017
Winnipeg River Recreation

Ariel Meet and Greet

Ariel was GREAT!!
My daughter was super happy.

Thanks again,
Krista Derken July 16 2017


Dr Ruth

She was SOOO Good!
Everyone loved it, especially the Mother in Law!

Katie Steppeller July 15 2017

Pirate Adventure Party

Everything went well.
The boys enjoyed it.
It was very hot in our backyard and the Pirate was a trooper.

Andrea Coulling July 15 2017

Captain America Meet and Greet

Thank you to Captain America for his wonderful show.
He was excellent and the children LOVED him!
His visit was the highlight to our son's very special 1st Birthday.

Thank you.
Sheena Francisco July 9 2017

Marilyn Monroe Show

Marilyn was absolutely fantastic.
Words cannot express my appreciation.
I was not able to attend but saw the entire show on Skype.
Her performance was outstanding!!
Not only did the girl performing look just like Marilyn, everything she did was exactly Marilyn Monroe.
It was a very special Birthday for my father and I wanted to do something spectacular.
Margaret recommended Marilyn and she was right. It was the perfect suggestion.
She even wore a red and white gown to commemorate Canada Day!!
The singing, the mannerisms, the way she spoke to him and made him feel special cannot even begin to convey how perfect she was in her performance.
Moving around the table was very tight and difficult; she positioned herself in a tiny nook behind the table and against the wall right next to my father and for everyone could watch the show.
I couldn't believe that even that detail was thought through and all while she was performing.

Bravo Marilyn Monroe!
Lesa Stadnek July 3 2017

RENT A NERD's Greta Geek Mini Comedy Roast

It went very well!
We all got a kick out of it and his reaction was just as we expected/hoped it would be!
Fantastic job!

Thank you,
Dani Scott June 28 2017

Elvis Telegram

Everyone LOVED him!
Someone in the office called and booked him as 'Elvis left the building'!
Highly recommended.

Linda Kost June 28 2017

Cheerleader Comedy Roast

She was GREAT!
Really terrific and couldn't have been any better.
We will definitely use your services in the future.

Thanks again.
Bruce Berry June 28 2017

Scottish Crooner

He was great!!
A real charmer!
Everyone at the party quite enjoyed him.
He sang a lovely ballad!

Thanks again,
Cheryl Jerome June 25

Pirate Jack Treasure Adventure

The kids had a BLAST!!!
Jack was fantastic!!!!
The hats were great, the treasure boxes were great!!!!
The kids loved them!!!
The best party was Mayzie really felt like his "first mate".

Thanks again.
Tanja Boone June 25 2017


Princess Poppy Troll

Poppy had a very high approval rate by all the kids.
They were fascinated with her, and even a few kids asked if she could come to their birthday party (I have passed your business name around).
Her attitude was great; she was totally upbeat.
The parents were even impressed with how involved she was.
The game was lots of fun for the kids and overall, it was wonderful.

Thanks again.
Tanya Newton June 25 2017

Magician Mago

Mago was the perfect entertainer for my daughters birthday.
We had children from ages 1-11 and they all loved his show.
He even had the adults amazed with his tricks!
I give him a 5 ***** Rating.

Thanks again.
Melanie Quitania-Suban June 24 2017

Wonder Woman Adventure Party

She was AWESOME!!
The kids loved her and she was a lot of fun!!

Thanks again.
Jeff Anderson June 22 2017

Caricaturists, Airbrush and Glitter Tattoo Artists
(Graduation Celebration)

Everything was wonderful!

Thank you.
Heather Kasprik
Kenora June 22 2017

Liza Minelli Telegram

She was FABULOUS!!

Thanks again.
Jacqueline Freedman June 22 2017

Frank Sinatra Telegram

Everything went really well!
Excellent service and well worth the money.

Thank you so much!
Lenard MacCoy June 15 2017



Things went really well with the Caricaturist.
Kids loved it!!

Justin Pitois June 10, 11 2017

Ariel Princess Storybook Visit

Things went wonderfully!!
Ariel was engaging, fun and responsive to the children.
My daughter was absolutely thrilled!!

Thank YOU!!!
Bonnie Johnston June 10 2017

Ariel Princess Storybook Visit

She was GREAT!

Many thanks

Jaideep Johar June 11 2017

Austin Powers with Comical Strip A Gram

Austin Powers was sooo amazing!
After the initial shock, the Guest of Honour said he was great!
Thank you so much for making the Stagette memorable!

Janet Smith June 3 2017

Elvis Mini Concert

We had a great time!

Thanks for making it happen.
Jamie Jensen June 3 2017


Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn was really great.
Everyone loved her performance.

Thank you.
Ava Panaglina June 3 2017

Belle Princess Storybook Visit

Belle was excellent!
My girls absolutely LOVED her!

Thank you
Randi Slusarchuk June 2 2017

Marilyn Monroe Performance

It was my husband's 60th and we had a brunch buffet with family on a Sunday.
I needed to keep it family like, tasteful, elegant but still fun.
Margaret suggested Marilyn Monroe who came in and sang Happy Birthday to my husband and about three other songs for a total of about 30 minutes.
Margaret was right.
Our Marilyn spoke like her, similar mannerisms and was a gem of a person.
I was asked questions before hand so Marilyn spoke like she knew my husband and our family.
My 93 year old father-in-law was totally entertained and it was a character he knew and recognized.
It was very personalized, funny and entertaining.
I highly recommend Scheme A Dream when you want to add something extra to a party.
If you don't know what you want......Margaret will help.

Next time for a party with friends I'm considering Borat!!! One of my husband's other favorite characters. My husband's sixtieth is now an event to remember.

Thanks so much Marilyn and Margaret!!
Lorraine Mocarski May 28 2017

Elvis Mini Concert

Very nice surprise.
My sister and those in attendance really enjoyed it.

Thanks again.
Hal Ryckman May 27 2017

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn was very much appreciated.
Great job!

Kevin Schaub May 23 2017

RENT A NERD 'Lester Polyester' Comedy Roast with Comical Strip A Gram

The show was really good and all of the guest had a blast.

Thanks for your help with our plans.
Jason Dodd May 20 2017

Harley Quinn and Batman Adventure Party

We all had a great time with Batman and Harley Quinn.
They stayed in character and had so much patience with all the kids.
Harley Quinn and Batman played good games and kept them all engaged the entire time.
I would recommend Scheme A Dream and would do this again for my daughter's birthday!!
Good job Batman and Harley Quinn!

Renee Deschambault May 20 2017


Police Officer "Catchem" Telegram

He was GREAT as usual!!

Thanks again,
Jon Barkman May 13 2017

Marilyn Monroe Performance

She was GREAT!
Very entertaining!

Shirley Lester May 12

Marilyn Monroe Performance

That was just PERFECT!

Thank you so much.
Christina Wrubleski May 12 2017

Captain Jack Pirate Adventure

Captain Jack arrived in character and was ready to entertain our preschool children.
He was absolutely amazing and hilarious through out the experience.
The children were led on an imaginary obstacle course with balloon swords to help find the missing treasure.
The adventure ended by the captain retrieving his treasure which he kindly shared with the children.
We also had a group photo to finish the adventure.
Captain Jack was awesome and the children will have lasting memories.

We will definitely book again with Scheme a dream.


Karrie Stockham May 10 2017
Preschool Supervisor

Chicken Roast

The Chicken Lady was great!
Very funny!
Slightly disturbing, but VERY FUNNY.
I don�t think any of us will ever forget it, especially when he rubbed my husband�s belly.

Thank you very much.
It really made for some great memories.

Please thank him very much.
Jennifer May 7 2017

Darth Vader Jedi Party

The children had an amazing time.
Darth handled the group of kids so well!
The parents couldn't believe that he kept them entertained and focussed for the hour.
He was so good with them.

Thanks again.
Amy Bresser May 7 2017


Elvis Telegram

Elvis was AMAZING!!

Thanks again.
Lance Hogan May 6 2017

Austin Powers Telegram / Comical Strip A Gram

Austin was GREAT!!

Thank you.
Michelle McKay May 6 2017

Captain America Telegram

Thank you!
My family had Captain America come by today and he was the highlight of the surprise.
Please thank him for making our day.

Thanks again.
Kayluh Friesen May 6 2017

Stevie Wonder Concert

He was AMAZING!!!
We all had a great time with Stevie Wonder.
My friends were so happy.
He got everyone dancing!!

Thanks again.
Rebecca Hiebert April 29 2017

Harley Quinn Squad Party

My daughter turned nine and she is in love with Harley Quinn.
Now that Harley has visited our home she can't stop talking about her new best friend, Harley Quinn.
We have a small house and there were 10 kids at the party, Harley was able to keep all of them entertained the entire time.
Even when the kids had to wait to get their tattoo, Harley still kept them occupied and not one kid started to wander away.
It was the best experience my daughter has ever had on a birthday.

Kim Kingdom April 22 2017


Nurse Cc Telegram

It was a hit!
All 20 of us enjoyed the show.
The Nurse was punctual and it worked out well.
Chris was extremely surprised and she performed a stand up job!
Will definitely consider Scheme Dream for another time.

Thanks again.
Ken April 21 2017

Batman Birthday Adventure Party

HUGE thank you to Batman and the amazing job he did today!
My son was very happy to see Batman and to have him at his Birthday Party.
He'll be talking about it for a long time!
We had Spider-Man through you guys last year and my son will still talk about his "Spider-Man Birthday"!
Somethings he will never forget!
I will definitely be booking with Scheme A Dream again in the future!

Thanks again.
Twila Werbefunk April 15 2017

Female Arresting Officer

Andy loved it and he said his coworkers loved her too!

Thanks a bunch.
Jackie April 12 2017

Male Nerd Telegram

Lester Polyester was great!
Everyone had a good laugh.

Thanks again.
Christa Lucas April 5 2017

Elvis Telegram

Elvis was excellent!
We were all very pleased, especially the Retiree.

Thanks again.
Myrna Winflow April 5 2017

Singing Cowboy Telegram

Everything was excellent!
He was on time and very entertaining.
The Guest of Honour was so happy and really enjoyed his songs.
Thank you so much for helping us make her 50th Birthday so memorable!

We laughed a lot and we really needed that.
Heather Nowak April 3 2017

Elsa and Anna "Frozen" Party

They were absolutely AMAZING and were great with the kids!

Thanks again,
Tara Strong April 1 2017


Elsa "Frozen" Party

We had a great time at the party.
Queen Elsa was great with the kids and my daughter Lily had a magical day.

Michael Estrada April 1 2017


Marilyn Monroe Birthday Show

Marilyn was a hit!
The show was a total success!
He had no idea and it was perfect, Thank you.
This is now the 3rd time I have used Scheme A Dream (Tina Turner and Johnny Cash), I couldn't be happier and look forward to many more.
Thank you for providing excellent service every time.

Pat Nagy March 27 2017

Nurse Cc's Birthday Check up Roast

She was great.
Thank you.

Janice Kane March 25 2017

Female Officer

We are still laughing!!
We all enjoyed the Cop and I will be calling Scheme A Dream again with more Birthdays.
It was great and it all turned out exactly the way I wanted it.

Thank you again.
Charlotte Lagimodiere March 25 2017

Caricaturist, Face Painter and Marshall Paw Patrol

Your service is TOP NOTCH!

Thanks again.
Reesa Simmonds March 23 2017

Nana Mouskouri Telegram

Nana was GREAT!!
My mom truly loved the song and visit.

Thanks again.
Nina Vrsnik March 19 2017

Spiderman Birthday Adventure Party

I can't tell you how happy I am with your service.
We were in a total dilemma, especially when another Spiderman company cancelled last minute.
Your service is excellent.
Not only did you accommodate a last minute request but you promised a guarantee that Spiderman would show up.
He showed up and he was beyond what we had expected.

Thank you Scheme A Dream.
We will keep you in mind for future events.
Bonnie Swayze March 19 2017

Harley Quinn Girl Squad Party

Thanks to you and to Harley!!
She was GREAT!!
We all LOVED her!!

Thanks again.
Shannon Mann March 18 2017

Princess Ariel Storybook Birthday Party

Ariel was AMAZING!!
She was sooooo GOOD!!

Thanks again.
Fatima Costa March 18 2017


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn was GREAT!
I don't think I have ever seen him so speechless in the 20 years married! Lol!

Thanks again.
Shelly Neuman March 11 2017

Richard Simmons Telegram

He was GREAT!

Thanks again.
Taren Wan March 9 2017

Magician Mago

Mago's Show went very well.

Thanks again.
Kristina Klause February 10 2016

Mickey Mouse Limo Escort

They had a blast and absolutely loved Mickey!

Thanks again!

Barbara McRae February 10 2017

Ariel Storybook Birthday Party

Thank you and especially thank Ariel for making my daughter's birthday extra special.
She was so excited and happy that she got to see her favourite princess.
The performer was excellent!

Thank you again,
Lesley Irving February 11 2017


RENT A NERD's 'Greta Geek' - Mini Comedy Roast

Please thank the Nerdette for her performance.
I hear it was great and everyone is still laughing.
Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Jan Hosking January 6 2016

Flamingo Lawn Greeting

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you-Scheme-A-Dream.
The signs and Flamingoes were an absolute hit!
Again...............THANK YOU!

Janet Forbes January 29 2017


John Travolta - Disco Dancer

It went really well!!
John Travolta mingled amongst the guests in character the whole time.
After he did his signature disco dancing, he got some of us up and taught us his disco moves.
We danced a wonderful duet together. He led so well you'd think we practiced in advance.
It was really good!!

Theresa Pandas January 28 2017


Superhero Party with Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman

The party was great and the special guests were a HUGE HIT.
They did a great job interacting with the kids.
Wonder Woman's Tattoo station was well received.
Thanks again.

Nicole Chabot January 22 2017

Princess Rapunzel Royal Meet and Greet

Rapunzel was amazing!!
She was really, really good.
Not only was she talented with a beautiful singing voice, she was friendly and the way she interacted with the children was very professional and just like Rapunzel would.

Thanks again.
I will definitely be calling in the future.

Tammy Pernsky January 19 2017

Betty Boop and Zorro Character Telegrams

Every thing was GREAT!

Thanks again.
Ben Cudia January 18 2017

Princess Elena Storybook Birthday Party

Elena was wonderful!
The children loved her!!

Thanks again.
Johnathon Schmidt January 7 2017

RENT A NERD's Greta Geek, Tarot Reader and Severyn Illusionist

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment!
The Nerdette was super funny and Severyn definitely dazzled.
Severyn even came back to do some additional tricks.

Best Regards,
Cam A. Quan January 7 2017

Daycare Santa

Santa was awesome!!

Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
Bruce Hill December 23 2016

Fireman Singing Character Telegram

The fireman was a success with our guests!
He truly entertained them and my sister loved every minute of the surprise.

Thank you again for adding your special touch to an already extraordinary celebration. Everything you did ensured the singing telegram would be a success!

I will definitely recommend your business to my friends and family.

Until we meet again.

Nelly Nyongwa December 19 2016

Santa Home Visit

Elvis was wonderful!!
He was great with our Connor

Thanks again. Mark Owens December 18 2016

Frozen Party - Elsa, Anna and Olaf

Everything was AWESOME!!
I was very impressed.
Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Ashely Sinclair December 17 2016
Fisher River Community Hall

Elvis Impersonation Mini Concert

It was beyond great!!
Thank you so much!!
It was a very nice surprise and he was beyond brilliant!!!
Everyone had so much fun!!

Thank you SO MUCH Scheme A Dream!

Laurie Hall December 11 2016

Spiderman Character Telegram

"Spiderman" was a big hit!!
Thanks for making my Grandson Kenny's Birthday extra special

Debbie Wrobleski December 11 2016

Corporate Entertainment Package - Casino and Photo Booth

Everything went GREAT!!
Thank you for everything.

Cindy Thompson December 10 2016
St James VW and Audi

Flamingo Lawn Greeting

The birthday girl was pleasantly surprised and it was a big hit.
Thanks so much for doing it despite the bone-chilling cold weather!

Shelly Dagg December 10 2016

A Charles Dickens Christmas - Carollers and Mr Pickwick Impersonation

Margaret was amazing!
She was able to find someone to create a very specific character for a client and with great results!
The Carollers were top quality and a joy.

Would definitely use this quality service again.

Charlene Van Buekenhout December 7 2016
Dalnavert Museum

Elvis Impersonation Telegram

Elvis was great!!
We have used Scheme A Dream many times not only for Elvis but for kids parties and I couldn't be happier.
You are always available and supply exactly what I am looking for.
This is now the 4th time hiring your company for Elvis.
Not only was he courteous with the restaurant staff and patrons, he addressed our table and my mom (the birthday girl) in such a professional manner.
His singing and guitar playing was GREAT!!
Looks and sounds just like Elvis.
I will talk with you in January with my next party!

Thanks again.
Destiny December 4 2016

Santa - Corporate Children's Party

Santa was a big hit at our kid's Christmas Party.
Everyone liked him.

Monica Tanner December 4 2016

Santa - Corporate Children's Party

Santa was FANTASTIC!

Cindy Thompson December 4 2016

Elf - Balloon Twisting

We just hired a balloon twister from Scheme a Dream, who not only showed up a little early but was dressed as an elf!
I received SO MANY compliments about him, being amazing with the kids and the balloons he was providing for them.
He went above and beyond the dressing up.
I'd like to thank you for everything;

I'll be in contact with you for our next event for sure!

Danielle Robertson December 4 2016

RENT A NERD - Greta Geek Comedy

Greta was wonderful and very entertaining!!
She used all the info I had passed on and added many more hilarious comments.
She made a favorable impression on the room with her interaction with the Drs. ( Dr. Ross and Dr. Macklem ) and even brought in a few more of our staff into her skit.
She was witty and timely, and there were MANY laughs to be had.
She was great!
The staff are still talking about her and as a matter of fact, another Dr. wants her ( your ) contact info to hire her for a future date!
She told us we were Scheme A Dreamed and left behind a lot of applause and laughter .

Thanks you for providing us with entertainment and I would not hesitate to recommend your company for an event.

Bev Dewis December 3 2016
Portage Clinic Christmas Party committee member

Elvis Impersonation Mini Concert

Elvis was absolutely excellent!
Everyone loved him so much that we are wanting to have him come out again in January.
Please send a big thank you to the performer who really did a great job!

Gloria Smith December 3 2016

Tom Jones Impersonation

Just wanted to let you know that the Tom Jones performer was awesome.
My mom was very thrilled and he was great with her.
My whole family was very impressed with him and we would recommend him and Scheme A Dream to anyone.

Louise McKay December 3 2016

Children's Christmas Party - Corporate Entertainment Package
(Magician Mago, Balloon Twisting Elf, Face Painting Elf, Glitter Tattoo Elf)

I have heard very good feedback from everyone.

Thank you very much for making such a great event!

Jennifer Berch November 19 2016

Spiderman - Action Packed Adventure

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we were VERY happy with Spiderman Saturday afternoon.
We especially liked how he focused in on the birthday boy to make him feel special.
I have spoken highly to a few of our guests on Saturday recommending Scheme a Dream and will do so in the future.

Thanks for the great service and please tell Spiderman to keep up the great work!!

Teri-Lyn Wolfram October 24 2016

Johnny Cash Impersonation Telegram

He was great.


Brian Twerdun October 22 2016

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn arrived on time, just as promised and did a wonderful job mingling with the guests and ensuring everyone was having a good time; taking photos etc.
Next time we would like a microphone so that she could have sang a song � that would have really made it special.
Marilyn was lovely and overall we were very pleased.

Thank you, and we will definitely keep you in mind for future events.

Joelle Doucet October 15 2016

Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Telegram

Everything went very well.
Marilyn was GREAT!!

Thanks again.

Sheena Sanderson October 15 2016

Ariel Princess Storytelling Visit

Thank you TONS!
She was amazing!

Thank you so much!!

Cheryl September 24 2016

Elvis Impersonation Telegram

Elvis was fabulous!
We loved him!
My mom loved him!
I would not hesitate to call back.

Please pass along a HUGE thanks to Elvis.

Samantha Wiles September 5 2016

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn was great!!
We all laughed and Hamilton LOVED IT!!
Added some entertainment to the night and then the surprise that Marilyn spoke Portuguese was fun too!

Thank you again.
Jenn Viera August 27 2016

Elvis Celebrity Telegram and Wedding Chapel

Elvis was SUPER!
Darren, my husband, loved it!
Compliment Elvis for me with many thanks.

Wendy and Darren Farrar August 27 2016

Spider man Action Packed Adventure

I want to THANK YOU!!
The kids had the best time.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This means so much.

Roxanne Lowen August 27 2016

Elvis Mini Concert

Elvis did great job !!

Thanks again.
Doug Wasyliw August 26 2016

Mick Jagger Mini Concert

We all thought he was great!!

Thank you.
Wes Brownridge August 20 2016

Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Telegram

I just wanted to make contact and comment on Marilyn Monroe. who came to see me on my birthday.
She gave me a card that says, "Experience the Thrill of Surprise and Excitement".
I really enjoyed her.
It was fun to have Marilyn sing to me and make me feel special on my day at work.
Good work and good luck .
She was very good.

Thanks again.
Mike Baraschuk August 18 2016

Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Telegram

Everyone enjoyed Marilyn and said she had a very nice singing voice.
She was great!!

Thanks again.
Chris Sutherland August 13 2016

Elvis and Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Telegrams

They were both absolutely wonderful!!
We really loved them.
We had Cher and Homer Simpson a few years back and now we had Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Thank you so much for accommodating with short notice.
Krista Ballantyne August 13 2016

Darth Vader - Ultimate Challenge

I just wanted to say how great Darth was with the kids and how they had an absolutely terrific time!!

Thanks so much!

Susan McLean July 23 2016

Darth Vader - Ultimate Challenge

Please pass on a THANK YOU to Mr Vader.
The kids had a great time yesterday

Thanks again.
June 18 2016

Elsa "Frozen" Princess Storytelling Visit

It went fabulously!!
Elsa was wonderful!!
The performer is really good.
They were all super quiet and attentive
Nora loved everything.
I wish I had a photo of her when Elsa walked in..

So, thank you so so much!!

Emma Alex July 16 2016


Video Clip: (link)

Star Wars - "Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Yoda"- Intermingle and Jedi Training

The festival and the parade were fantastic!
They showed up on time and got right to mingling with the kids.
I prepared a Light Sabre (pool noodle) craft with the kids and DV "complained" how his mother never helped him put together his light sabre and how he had to travel to a faraway planet to find the right crystal for his light sabre.
All the moms had quite a laugh at that!

Everything went as planned.
They mingled and then they played games with the kids and their light sabres!
I absolutely loved having them there!

Thank you again!

Alissa Doan July 16 2016

RENT A NERD Lester Polyester Comedy Roast

He was a big hit!!
There were 17 of us, we were laughing so hard, he had to wait for us to stop or we would be able to hear him.
I gave my niece his information as she will be calling you for something in August.
Question, if my husband Darrin Zielke ever calls you to do something like this for me, would you tell me ???
Thank you again for being so accommodating with all of time changes.

I feel that it was money well spend because he was great.

Sherine Zielke July 10 2016

Tina Turner Impersonation Mini Concert

Everything was great!!
Everyone enjoyed Tina.

Thanks again.
Linda Pondy July 9 2016

Betty Boop Impersonation Telegram

She was AMAZING!!!!!!
I loved Betty Boop!
She is so talented and so good at getting into character.
I have told everyone all about your service and will definitely call you again to come out whenever I need another Telegram.
I am hooked� I don�t want anyone else!!!
And by the way, I love my watch! I wear it every day.

Thanks so much and we will definitely see you again real soon.


Maria James July 7 2016

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation and Nurse Cc Comedy Roast

Jean and all others loved it!
I must thank you for being our accomplice for his birthday and I will be more than happy to refer you or call you again for another event.

Happy to hear Marilyn and the Nurse had fun as well!
Best regards,

Charles-Andre Roy July 5 2016

Entertainment Package: Caricaturists, Air Brush Artists, Face Painters

Everything went really well!!
We had over 3000 people which we weren�t expecting.
I think the face painters were feeling overwhelmed lol.
The event was a huge success.
Please pass along my thanks to all the artists, they were fantastic!

Thank you very much for your help and I will be contacting you next year for our event J

Kristen Lucyshyn July 1 2016

Darth Vader Ultimate Challenge

Hi Margaret,
A huge thank you for making Parker's fifth birthday a huge success!
The backdrop was wonderful, we took some great photos!
Darth Vader was great with the kids...
I was nervous having that many boys running around with lightsabers, but things overall went very well.
Parents were very pleased with the event.
I let them know it was Scheme A Dream for their kids' parties.
Thanks again!

Megan Leclair June 25


Traditional 'Top n Tails' Singing Telegram

I just want to thank you for the absolutely amazing performers who made my wife's day!!

No doubt about it, I will definitely be telling everyone about your professional services!

Thank you so much,

Bryan Parissian June 25 2016

RENT A NERD Greta Geek Character Telegram

She was AMAZING!!
And the funny part was that we were all Portuguese!
I had no Idea she was Portuguese too!!!
So she made it extra special talking in our language during her skit!
We will definitely get her to come out again to another one of our parties.
Thanks so much for suggesting her�..she was the perfect nerd for our event and she was fantastic!!
Thanks so much for your services and please tell her that we all enjoyed her singing telegram!!!

Maria James June 23 2016

Caricaturist, Air Brush and Glitter Tattoo Artists

Everything went great and we were so glad to have our talented Artists with us for the night.

Thank you again for everything,

Samantha Gould June 23 2016

RENT A NERD - Greta Geek Comedy Roast with Comical Strip A Gram

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!
The party Saturday was amazing because of Rent A Nerd Greta Geek.

She did a fantastic job!
Tammy Ducharme June 18 2016

Mick Jagger Impersonation Concert

Good time had by all!!

Thanks again,
Mandy Whitlock June 17 2016

Fifi The French maid Telegram

Everything went well.
It was enjoyed by all including others in the dining room.

Thanks again,

Craig Dunn June 15 2016

Batman and Elsa - Meet & Greet

Everything was great!!
I'm so glad I did it!!

Thanks again.
Deborah Axelrod June 12 2016


Elvis Mini Concert

He was great!!!
Judy (the Guest of Honor) was clapping and smiling the entire time.

Thanks again.
Jerry Hemmanger June 11 2016

Star Wars 'Darth Vader' Meet and Greet

We had the most awesome time with Darth Vader.
Not only was he polite and awesome, he made my daughter overcome her fear of characters.
Thank you and Darth Vader .
My daughter Harlee really enjoyed her Star Wars birthday party.
I highly recommend Scheme A Dream to family and friends.

Don Fisher Saturday, June 11 2016

Shania Twain Impersonation and Show

Everything went very well.
Ben (the Birthday Boy) said he found the Shania Twain entertainment very enjoyable also.
Many of our guests are still talking about it and how they had a good time.
It was too bad that 7 or 8 of our guests had to leave right after supper and missed the show.

Thanks again,

Wendy Toenders June 9 2016

Clowns, Magicians, Superheros, Princesses & Mascots

This year marks the 9th annual Craniofacial/Aboutface Family Picnic.
Since the beginning, 9 years ago, the planning of what the Family picnic would look like and what we wanted to do involved a lot of thought.
We should give you some background information of what this Family picnic is all about:
These families, from our craniofacial program at Children�s Hospital, all have facial difference.
Aboutface in Toronto is affiliated with our group for child and parent support services across Canada.
Scheme A Dream has been a part of our picnic from the beginning.
Ditzy the clown is one of the most popular characters.
She does face painting and glitter tattoos! She is kind, gentle and compassionate�just what the Doctor ordered!
The children adore Ditzy and can�t wait to see her again the following year!
Mascots, such as Dora, Diego, Spider Man, Hello Kitty and most recently, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are all popular with the kids.
The excitement builds into laughter and screams of excitement when one of them appears on the picnic scene!
Over the last two years we have had Floyd the clown doing clown magic and balloon characters and most recently Patrick who entertained the children with magic tricks and balloon characters as well.

We want to thank Scheme A Dream for their continued support each year for this worthwhile event.
Sponsors like them make the picnic a huge success every year.

Cathy Camara and Cynthia Pantel June 5 2016

Vegas Showgirl Telegram

Just wanted to let you know that everything went really well!!
My husband was utterly and completely surprised with both the Vegas showgirl.
She did a great job!!
It all went really well.
Thanks for your patience with me as we sorted through the process.
And thanks your professionalism.

Have a great day,

Melody Hawryluk June 1 2016

Elvis Impersonation and Comedy (Edmonton)

We really appreciate that he stepped forward and everyone was very impressed with his performance.
Having an unexpected performer from Scheme A Dream is a pleasant surprise for everyone at our reception.
Otherwise, our Reception would have just been ordinary.
I really liked his idea of "Right Day For A Wong Wedding" and the Limbo was very popular.
I was also happy with his choice of "Rambin Gamblin Man".
Over all an excellent job by your performer.

Lori and I thank you for helping our Wedding be a tremendous success.
We look forward to working again with you someday.

I never had the chance to thank him for his performance so could you please extend my apologies and thank you to him.

Ford and Lori Wong May 28 2016

Darth Vader - Ultimate Challenge

I just wanted to let you know that Darth Vader was an absolutely fabulous "star lord"!
The kids all freaked out and Josh was in his glory.
Thank him for making our little guy�s 6th birthday a huge hit!!
Parents were angry at me (LOL) "for setting the bar too high" for the next kids birthday....ha ha

Thanks again and I think you may be getting more bookings based on the feedback from our party!!!

Pamela Curtis May 7 2016

"Japanese Experience" Grace Hospital Foundation - Japanese Greeters and Koto Player

Thanks to all our Amazing Vendors for making the Grace Hospital Foundation Gala a night to remember!
So many kind words were said by the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre Winnipeg, staff, guests and the board of the Foundation!
My client was very happy and the guests loved the Japanese Greeters and Koto player.
So many compliments!

Just_inCouture May 4 2016
Event Desiger

Burt Reynolds Impersonation

I just wanted to let you know that my clients really had a blast with Burt Reynolds on Saturday. And thank you for helping us accommodate!

Jennifer Saturday, April 30
Gem Events Management

Richard Simmons Impersonation

Richard was awesome!
Everyone enjoyed the show and there were lots of laughs.
Including other people in the restaurant that were not part of our group.
I would recommend him to others.
I'm now afraid to turn 40 as I know Samantha will want payback!

Thanks again.
Brad Friesen April 30 2016

Bon Jovi Telegram

Everything went great, everybody enjoyed the show and Jon was the ultimate professional.

Thank you for everything.
Dwayne Capon April 30 2016


RENT A NERD 'Lester Polyester' Comedy Roast

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the nerd (Lester) at our bridal shower.
He was great!
Everyone couldn't stop talking about him after he left.

Thanks again.
Teffra Usipiuk April 24 2016

Luke Skywalker Ultimate Challenge

We had Luke Skywalker for a birthday party with 17 Grade 1 students.
He was wonderful!
He was amazing!!
The kids had so much fun and Luke was great with the few unruly ones!

I will be recommending your company!
Pam Panchuk April 17 2016

Tarot Reader

Lotus was a hit!
The staff loved her and there was a lineup for the entire night.
It was great!

Thank you,
Jessica Carey April 16 2016
Sunova Credit Union

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

He enjoyed Marilyn very much.
It was the perfect gift for his 50th
Thanks again!

Kim Hekl April 16 2016

Dog The Bounty Hunter Telegram

He was great!
Very funny!

Tammy Kiliwnik April 16 2016


Elvis Celebrity Telegram

Elvis was great!
Thank you very much.
Everyone loved him!!

John Skinner April 15 2016

Richard Simmons Impersonation Telegram

Richard Simmons was great, very funny and entertaining!
Lots of laughs!!

Jennifer Kolbuck April 9 2016

RENT A NERD 'Lester Polyester' Character Telegram

I want to thank Scheme A Dream and the performer who helped me to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday.
She really enjoyed this memorable event.
The performer was spot on, being professional yet funny while focusing everyone's attention on the birthday girl.
I will highly recommend your service to anyone looking to brighten someone's day!

Tyler Rae April 7 2016

Darth Vader Star Wars Ultimate Challenge

Please pass a big THANK YOU to DARTH VADER for us!!
My son Rylan was in awe and loved the Jedi Training!
The Darth performer was fantastic with the large group of children I had here.
Iwould definitely recommend him!
My son will be talking about this for a long time!

Thanks again.
Laura Solmundson Neaul April 3 2016

Lady Gaga Impersonation

I just wanted to thank you again for making my husband�s 60th birthday party a huge success on Saturday.
I�m a little afraid when it�s my 60th in a couple of years as my husband said, "Just wait. Your turn will come!!

Thanks again.
Debbie Edkins April 2 2016

Arresting Police Officer with Comical Strip a Gram

I just wanted to say thank you.
The Police Officer was fantastic!!
Totally made the night and my friend had a blast!!
Please let the performer know he was awesome.

Thanks again.
Krista Steele April 1 2016

Easter Bunny Mascot Intermingle

Thank you for everything.

The Easter Bunny was wonderful.

Thanks again!!!

Cindy Carswell March 27 2016
Vice-President of Corporate Identity and Community Relations
Canad Inns Corporate Office

Frozen "Anna and Olaf" Storybook Princess Visit

Everything was amazing as usual!
We will definitely be using Scheme A Dream come September for our little guy's 2nd birthday.
Olaf was very funny.
He had the whole room laughing.

Thanks again.
Ashley and Hailey Preyma Saturday, March 26 2016

Elsa Princess Storybook Visit

Elsa was wonderful!
My daughter was so delighted.
Thanks for a awesome hour and 15 minutes.

Amanda J Hornbrook March 24 2016

Ariel Storybook Princess Visit

Hi Margaret & Ariel,

We just wanted to send a note to say how much we loved Ariel's performance!
It was a huge hit and our little Bree loved every minute of it, as well as her little princess friends!
We had many parents ask us where we found Ariel and I passed on the information so they can enjoy her show too!

Thank you again,
Shannon, Ian & Bree Mann March 13 2016

Elvis Performance Telegram

Tracy and her family really enjoyed Elvis and thought he did a great job!
Your company is very easy to work with .
I would definitely recommend Scheme A Dream to friends.

Thanks again.
Tiffany March 6 2016

Frank Sinatra

I just wanted to say thank you so very much!!
The performance that Frank Sinatra did for my husband Larry retirement party last night at the Fox and Hound was wonderful!!
He was great!!!!!

Thank you,
Pina Zadorozny February 29 2016

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Impersonation Telegram

It was great as usual!!
The birthday boy enjoyed it and he was surprised with everything.
The Ron Burgundy had performed Austin Powers for us a while back so he's always good.

Always a great time with Scheme A Dream.
Christine Bencharski February 27 2016

"Frozen" Elsa Princess Storybook Visit

We hired Elsa from Frozen for my nieces birthday.
Now my niece is incredibly shy as she has often been known to sit and play all by herself at her parties.
Elsa never gave up and we all had a lump in our throat when we saw my niece singing right into the microphone along with Elsa. Elsa took the extra time to make a fuss over the little girl and even opened presents with her.
And then presented her with a lovely sterling silver necklace with a snowflake pendant.
Elsa never broke character even when playing an Olaf game with the kids.
When Elsa left my niece was a different child, full of confidence and laughter.
Thank you Elsa.

We will definitely use this service again.

Sherri Rendina February 20 2016

Darth Vader Character Telegram

Please pass along my thanks to Darth Vader.
He really let the light side of his Force spirit though yesterday at Henry�s birthday party.
He was great with the kids, even though they were so overwhelmed and sugar-filled they could barely pay attention to him.
I appreciated the time he took to talk to everyone who had anything to say to him.
Henry still can�t believe that the real Darth Vader came to his party yesterday.
He also appreciated the fact that Vader only brought a plastic light saber, so no one would get hurt by his real one.
It really was great!!
The kids loved it, and my inner Star Wars geek was delighted, too.
I made sure to tell everyone who asked where they could get their own Darth Vader, if required.

Thanks again,
Jodi Turner February 7 2016

Charlie Chaplin Intermingle

The event at Cambrian went very well .
As expected they were a little busy, but still it was a success.
Charlie Chaplin was very gentlemanly and professional.
Thank you for making this happen .

Warm regards,
Eric Pahkala February 2 2016

Elvis Mini Concert

Hello Margaret.
Just wanted to drop you a line or two to tell you how much Elvis was loved by everyone last night.
He did such a good job!
We really appreciate him waiting for us as our meals took rather a long time to be served and he waited until we had finished our food.
Then his entrance was fabulous.
He thoroughly was on point and really had Odile smiling and singing along.
His whole mannerism was Elvis!
Well done to him and 'thank you to you' for making it happen!
Everyone was asking where he came from so I was glad to say, "Scheme a Dream and talk to Margaret".
Again, Thank You and we will be quick to promote Scheme A Dream for future functions of ours or friends.

Jackie January 30 2016

Elvis Telegram

Thank you so much!
The staff had an amazing time with Elvis.

Rosa Peters January 29 2016
Word Alive Office Manager

Lady Gaga Mini Concert

Lady Gaga was absolutely fantastic!
She had everyone off their seats at my Fiances 30th surprise b-day party.
Margaret and her team are a very professional organization providing the highest level of service.
Also, I really appreciated the follow up call post event.
Thanks to Gaga and Margaret for making it a very memorable night.

Mark Sanii January 23 2016

Elsa 'Frozen' Storybook Princess Visit

Thank you so much for sending out Elsa.
She is AMAZING!!
The kids have fallen in love with her.
Great job!!
Thank you for helping make this an amazing memory for Maria.

Victor Chuma January 23 2016

Mexican Character Telegram and Flamingo Lawn Greeting

It went really great both, Flamingos and the Mexican.
It was a blast!!

Joanna Tyrna January 22 2016

RENT A NERD 'Greta Geek' - Comedy Roast Comical Strip A Gram

Our Nerdette was amazing.
The birthday boy loved it and played right along.
We had the room in stitches.
It was a wonderful addition to the birthday celebration and I would recommend anyone to invest in an impersonator to liven up a party.

Thank you for everything.

Christina Romanchuk January 15 2016

Darth Vader Meet & Greet

On January 9th my grandson turned 5.
He is a Star Wars fan so we invited Darth Vader? to make an appearance at the birthday party.
The kids went completely berserk when he walked in!
Darth was engaging with all the kids and played games which were clearly lots of fun.
Many thanks to him for his commitment to the character and for his energy and patience, and to Margaret who made sure things went smoothly.

Heather Edinborough January 9 2016

Mexican Character Telegram and Balloon Decorations

Hello Margaret.

Thank you for the wonderful efforts to a successful party.
As it happened, things turned out as I wanted them.
The party was a total surprise.
Your selection of the balloons for the tables couldn�t have been better.
The color combination went so well with Maline�s dress that she was surprised at how I knew to select the color scheme.
As usual, I couldn�t steal that bit from your efforts in the selection.
Again thanks for that job well done !!!
Additionally, I want to give you a great big bouquet on suggesting �Jaun Jalepeno � as our honoured guest to entertain Maline.
He was absolutely fantastic!!
You must pass on our sincere appreciation for his performance as our guests were �ecstatic" with the fun and humor that he provided.
So once again thank you for arranging this entertainment.
And last but not least a "Big Thank You" to you for making this event a success.
We will certainly recommend you and your service.
As well, we will give you first consideration in any future events that we may have.

Joe Solomon January 9 2015

RENT A NERD Gretta Geek Comedy Roast

It was fun!!
Gretta Geek was awesome!!

Thanks again!!

Sherrie Marion December 13 2015
Days Inn, Brandon

RENT A NERD Greta Geek Comedy Roast

She was absolutely fabulous!
Her visit made our entire evening.
It broke the ice and after her visit we continued to have a great evening.
Our boss took it so well and she nailed it!

Thank you again for pulling it off on such short notice!

Happy Holidays!

Bonnie Potyk December 12 2015
Financial/H.R. Manager
Envirotech Ag Systems Ltd

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Mini Concert

The Elvis and Marilyn show was very entertaining and I believe everyone enjoyed it.
Great entertainment!
There were people asking where I found you and I told them to look on your website.

Thank you so much for a Great Show and I will definitely keep you in mind for upcoming events.

Have a great day!

Angela Stagg December 11 2015
Executive Assistant
Anishinaabe Child & Family Services

RENT A NERD - Greta Geek Comedy Roast

Yesterday's performance went great.
Keep up the good work.
Jason Crossley, MLS December 13 2015
Pollock and Wright Land Surveying

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Package
(Juggler, Face Painter, Glitter Tattoo Artist, Magician Mago, Santa)

Everything was awesome!
The kids were very excited for all the entertainment,
They were happily entertained!
I was impressed with the Juggler and I will definitely book him for the main act next year.
He was wonderful with the kids and they loved him and his tricks.
If by chance I am not coordinating the event (I likely still will be here) I will make a note in my file to have him booked as the main entertainer.
The Glitter tattoo artists and the face painter were awesome.
The glitter girl stayed the extra 15 minutes to accommodate the children which was very nice of her and we thanked her for that.
All in all the event was a huge success and I cant wait to work with you guys again next year.

Thank you so much!!

Jillian Haines December 13 2015
Wawanesa Insurance

Elvis Mini Concert

Thank you very much for the arrangements to have Elvis at our CWBRA luncheon yesterday.
We are a bit of a 'stiff' group and Elvis made it fun and enjoyable.
He is a good singer, picked good songs and certainly dressed the part.

The group really appreciated the entertainment by Elvis.
Please pass this to Elvis.

Kind Regards,
Joy Unrau December 10 2015

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Concert

Thank you for an entertaining evening.
Marilyn and Elvis were great!
I thought I might not have a job come Monday morning, (given Tio is so shy) but it was all taken in stride. :)
The staff and doctors had fun!

Merry Christmas!

Connie Klassen December 5 2015

Santa for Corporate Christmas Party

Good Afternoon Margaret,

I want to thank you and Santa � he did an awesome job.
We really appreciate him being so great with all the kids.

Could I please book the same Santa for next year�s party?

Jennifer Klassen December 5 2015
Inn at the Forks

Buzzard Lawn Greeting

Thank you for the fantastic set up and birthday surprise for Beverley's 70th birthday.
It worked out great!
Everyone loved it!

Tannis Eyssens November 29 2015

Nurse Cc Comedy Roast

Everything went really well and those who were able to take it in were laughing so hard.
Even our victim took it really well.
He went along with the whole show.

Thanks so much for the great entertainment.

Christy Davidson November 30 2015
New Flyer

Elvis and Shania Twain Mini Concerts

Thank you so much for your organization and for the performance and sound today.
Everyone had a blast!

Kim Gonzalez - Quesada November 25 2015

Tarot Reader and DJ Service

I really wanted to thank you for Saturday night.
The Tarot Reader is one amazing woman!!!
The whole Staff Christmas Party was great.
The DJ also did a great job!!
Thank you and your team for being who you are.
It always makes our parties extra special!
It has heightened my excitement for the kids party!!

Christina Gaudette November 21 2015

Belly Dancers

Everything went fantastic!

Here are photos of your dancers from the event


Jill Voth
Events and Sponsorship Officer
The Winnipeg Humane Society

Town Crier Proclamation Telegram

He was fantastic!
Everyone loved it!!

Thanks for everything.

Joe Czubaty October 24 2015

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

It went perfectly!
She was wonderful, funny, beautiful and made my husbands night.
He played along and it was great.
The picture she left as a memento will be in our collection of celebrities forever!
We had 13 people and all of them wanted to know where I found her.
So I am hoping you will get more business from this.

Thank you very much and I am very excited for Wednesday's Cows in the morning!

Paula Antifaiff October 24 2015

Arresting Police Officer

It went great.

Thank you.

Lynn Dotremont October 24 2015

Elsa and Anna "Frozen" Storybook Princess Party

Anna and Elsa were a hit!

Thanks so much!

Best Regards,
Cam A. Quan October 24 2015

Spider man Action Packed Adventure Party

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we were with Spider man on Saturday!
He was absolutely awesome.
He played with and entertained the kids just perfectly, especially Aiden.
Aiden felt so special, like Spiderman was his best buddy.
He is still talking about it of course.
(His little sister however is still having nightmares, lol.
She wanted her grandpa to lock Spider man in mommy�s bathroom!)
We will be sending another more formal thank you note soon, with some photos in case you want to include those more well written comments and photos on your website.
And of course a special thank you card and gift for Spider man (Aiden�s still working on it).

We couldn�t be more pleased! Thank you again!

Jennifer, Natalie and Aiden Godard October 24 2015


We'll definitely keep you in mind - the harpist was a hit!!

Thanks so much for your help.

Gemma Keatch October 21 2015
Operations & Events Assistant
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Rhythmic Shoe Shiners (Song and Hip Hop Dance)

I just wanted to [finally] write to officially thank you for being so off-the-charts fantastic!!
Your talented guys really did a dynamite job and you made us look like stars.
Thanks to Margaret for identifying your talent and recommending you in spite of my concerns.
She was adamant that you guys would rock the show and you did! (Thank you Margaret!)
I just wish you could have strutted your talent more instead of wasting your time shining shoes! Haha.
I hope we get a chance to work together again�..I�ll have to think on that one!

Thanks again,
Krystyna Roberts September 29 2015


Mick Jagger and Tina Turner

It was fantastic!!
Thank you for the entertainment at our "Stars Are Out" Gala last night.

Gord Fries September 24 2015

Elsa "Frozen" Storybook Princess Visit

Thank you very much for your wonderful Elsa!!
Very professional and lovely person.
Everybody was happy.
I had some people asking me, where did I find Elsa from?
I gave the information to others.
My granddaughter, Emma just called me thanking for beautiful Elsa and said, that she was extremely happy having such a wonderful guest at her party.
She also asked me, if next year I would help to bring Elsa again ?

Once again, we appreciated the whole visit with Elsa.
Grace Skowron September 19 2015

Balloon Bouquet Delivery

Thank you again.
The balloons were a big hit!!!
Really appreciate it

Have a great Labor Day weekend.
Denise Wong September 4 2015

Elvis and Marilyn Mini Concerts

Everyone loved the entertainment!!
A good time was had by all.

Thank you for helping us make our celebration a success.
Helen Wiebe August 29 2015

Floyd The Clown

This is to thank you and let you know we had a great time with Floyd last Thursday.
All the children in the program had a wonderful time .
The show was very interesting and the children all concurred that they had lots of fun especially with the balloon animals that were made for each of them.
We hope to have Floyd again next year.

Thank you.
Maggie Yeboah, BSW August 27 2015
Social Worker - Outreach
Hope Centre Health Care, Inc.

Betty Boop Impersonation - Comedy Roast

We couldn't have been happier with Betty Boop & her dog Pudgy!
The voice and mannerisms were perfect, but what was most impressive was the performance!!
She not only used what we submitted in the pre-questionnaire, but the ad-libbing was priceless and soooo personal to everyone in the room!!
We laughed until we cried it was so funny and well-done!!
Plus, it was a pleasure to deal with Scheme-a-Dream.

Would definitely recommend and will likely hire again!!! :))
Alison Elliot August 15 2015

Elsa and Anna Storytelling Visit

I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful princess that came to my daughters 5th birthday party.
All the girls had an amazing time and the princesses kept the girls on the edge of there seat the whole time.
When Elsa came through the door the excitement on the face of my daughter was priceless !
I would highly recommend Elsa and Anna to any little girls birthday party.

Amazing and fantastic !!

Thanks again

Caitlin Campbell August 8 2015

Mick Jagger and Tina Turner Mini Concerts

They were wonderful!!
Thank you so much.
They worked the party beautifully.
They both sang and even danced with the birthday boys and girl.
We hired Marilyn Monroe for the last birthday and couldn't be happier.

Thanks again.
Jeanette August 1 2015

Austin Powers Performance

Austin was Funny!
He was absolutely GREAT!
The bride and everyone laughed so hard!!
I said that it was going to be adult only; my 2 young nephews ended up there but Austin pulled it off really well !
I Would hire you again.

Thank you for the wonderful event!!

Heather Sarraillon July 25 2015

Cher Impersonation Telegram

It was a hit with all party attendees!
Cher was awesome, and yes, the birthday boy participated.
We would definitely recommend Scheme a Dream!
It was something everyone talked about and laughed about all evening.

Thank you so much!
Claire and John Kosmac July 18 2015

Mick Jagger Mini Concert

Mick was simply amazing!!
And, we will be hard pressed to not have him back next year.
He was a total hit and the highlight of our evening.
In short, ''absolutely amazing' !!!!!

Thank you so much for arranging for Mick to come by.
Thank you Margaret.

Michael Bloomberg July 18 2015

Elvis Performance

Hi Margaret,
Just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous Elvis you sent us! He was absolutely great! Everyone there thoroughly enjoyed him & said he was great.
Please pass on my appreciation to him!
I�d love to get him again one day!
He is fantastic.
Very good with the singing & excellent ad-libbing & working the crowd.
He was extremely funny.
Cracked me up and my mother was very impressed!
He made everyone's day!

Kudos! Janet Voght July 18 2015

Shania Twain Performance

What a great job!!!
Every one loved it at the staff at the Round Table too.

Thank you,
Lindsay Harry July 11 2015

Pirate Adventure Party

The children really enjoyed the pirate visit!
They loved it!!
He was in great character and did an awesome job!

Tammy July 15 2015
Canterbury Daycare

Elvis Performance Birthday Telegram

Oh my god, he was amazing!!!!
Everyone enjoyed him and I would definitely recommend him to everyone.
He had the crowd going, very interactive and sang incredibly well.
He was on time, waited for the band to finish and performed so well.
Everyone asked where I got him from and I said Scheme A Dream.
Very professional and very talented!
The way he incorporated the information was a very nice touch.
He was really good and so I thank you so much.

It was a perfect show and he made our night.
Helga McPherson July 11 2015

Axl Rose Impersonation Birthday Telegram

It went very well.
We thought he was GREAT!!
The birthday girl was surprised and everyone LOVED HIM!
We have used Scheme A Dream many times in the past and will continue for the years to come.

Thanks again.
Andrea Krostyra July 4 2015

Flamingo Lawn Greeting with Elvis Performance

My wife loved the flamingos and Elvis.
She was surprised and overwhelmed.
Waking up to the 50 pink flamingos that were not there the night before was GREAT!
There were many pictures taken with the flamingos.
Elvis was a highlight and success with my wife and all of our guests.
He did an excellent job of not just singing but building rapport and interacting with everyone at the party.
He even got me involved in the act.
He had all of us captivated with his moves, laughing at his quick-witted repartee and singing along to Elvis' "hits".
Tracey and I echo our guests who said that they were impressed with Elvis.

Scheme A Dream delivered everything as agreed and more.
Your services (setting up the flamingos) and the fantastic show that Elvis put on exceeded my expectations.
I was very pleased!
We will be sure to contact you when we are looking for quality entertainment and party products in the future.

Thanks so much!
Rod Hick June 30 2015

Elsa, Anna & Olaf - Storybook Princess Visit


They were perfect!
They were patient and they had all (almost) 30 kids wrapped around their fingers.
It was everything I could have hoped for.

Thank you!
Emily Norrod June 28 2015

Toy Story - Buzz and Woody Adventure and Meet & Greet

Buzz and Woody were great!
I look forward to the next event.

Thanks again!
Dorota Giannoukakis June 27 2015

Captain Jack Treasure Adventure

We contacted Scheme a Dream looking for a Pirate for our son�s 5th birthday.
Little did we realize that we were going to get the type of character performance and service that we did.
Pirate �Jack� was prompt and literally looked and acted as though he just jumped off the ship to make it to the party.
After some sword balloons, walking the plank and a treasure hunt- Pirate Jack left a huge smile on everyone�s faces- parents and children alike.
Not only would I not hesitate for a minute to bring back the �Captain�� but I am looking forward to discovering more of the Characters that Scheme a Dream offers.

Gratefully yours,
Jeff, Mel and Sammy Fisher June 25 2015

Nana Mouskouri Mini Concert

Thank you very much for the Nana Mouskouri impersonator.
She was definitely a 'look a like'.
The performer was really good!!
Jackie was thrilled and we all liked how she got the crowd involved.
Thanks again.
Marlene Dziad June 18 2015

Elvis Birthday Telegram

All went very well with Elvis.
He did a great job and everyone enjoyed his getting audience involved in the show.
I know my sister loved it, she could not believe it when he walked in.
I have a picture of the same Elvis impersonator on the cake from the last time we had him which I'll send.
Thanks again,

Jane Schledewitz June 16 2015

Gorilla Gram

The Gorilla did GREAT!!!
It was a great way to top off my mom's 60th!!

Michelle Touchette June 16 2015

RENT A NERD - 'Lester Polyester' Comedy Roast

Lester Polyester was hilarious!!
The whole crowd burst out laughing endless times.
I'm definitely going to recommend him out there.
Thanks again.

Terri Gunner June 13 2015

Fifi the French Maid Character Telegram

Fifi was amazing!!
I have some pictures I will send.
Thanks again.

Stephanie Martin June 13 2015

Banana Gram and Gorilla Gram

Hi Margaret,
I�ve seen some fun photos come through and they are still trickling in.
It was a huge success Country wide - our teams loved it, it was silly and fun and unexpected!
Thank you so much for helping make our day on Saturday!
We really appreciated it!

Amanda Britton June 13 2015

Lu Lu Lemon Head Office

Captain America and Spider man Meet & Greet

We had Captain America and Spider man for our 4 years old party.
Both characters were amazing with the kids, super friendly and professional.
The kids loved it!!!
The costumes were so real!!!
Very impressed with the booking process as well as the follow up on the day of the party!

Thanks again
Iona Gruskin June 13 2015

Marilyn Monroe Birthday Telegram

It was Wonderful!!!
She did a GREAT JOB..
It was sooooo much fun!!!
Thank you again.

Michele Wickman June 10 2015

'Elsa' Storybook Princess Visit

Hi Margaret,

Elsa did a great job.
The girls loved it.
The story telling interaction, singing, glitter tattoos was great.
The girls loved singing �Let it Go� with Elsa and would love to have heard her sing more!
It was really good.

I haven�t downloaded my photos to my computer yet but I will and I�ll send you couple.
Thanks so much for your service.
I�d use it again in the future.

Jennifer Dutchyshen June 7 2015

Jim Shockey Birthday Adventure

Everything went really well.
We really enjoyed Jim Shockey!
It was lots of FUN!!
We've used your company a variety of times and were always pleased.
I always feel like I can rely that the performer will arrive.

Thanks again.
Michelle Hnatischin June 6 2015

Elvis and Marilyn Mini Concerts

Hi Margaret,

It went fantastic.
They were both really good and the crowd loved them!!
Luckily the rain worked with us.
I will send you some pictures as soon as I receive some.

Thanks again.

Lynn Dotremont June 6 2015


Both performers were very entertaining and the response from the crow was awesome!!
Having said that, we would definitely hire Scheme A Dream in the future.
I hope you will pass that along to the performers and thanks again for your help.

Dave Huyghe June 6 2015

Fifi the French maid Character Telegram

He really enjoyed it!!
He said he was tanned from fishing over the weekend, so his embarrassed red face wasn�t that noticeable.
He also asked what he did to deserve that .. Haha.

Will definitely keep your company in mind for the future.

Chris Delavau June 1 2015

Elvis Birthday Telegram

Hi Margret,
Just wanted to let you know that Elvis was awesome!
Couldn't have asked for a better performer.
He really got the crowd going and played some great songs.
My dad really loved it and enjoyed himself.
You really made his day a great one. I would recommend your service to anyone planning a party.

Monica Chochinov May 31 2015

Marilyn Monroe Birthday Telegram

Hi Margaret,
Marilyn was terrific!!
She entertained our guests with witty and funny banter with Bob.
He was surprised,a wee bit embarrassed, but mostly pleased.
I was pleasantly surprised at how good the performance was.
I would definitely recommend Marilyn to anyone who asked.

Cindy DeCruyenaere May 30 2015

RENT A NERD - Greta Geek Mini Comedy Roast

She did an excellent job and would definitely recommend to people!

Thank you!
Carlene Vourio May 30 2015

RENT A NERD - Greta Geek Mini Comedy Roast

Greta Geek was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
Such a great talent.
The family was buzzing about it all weekend.
Thank you for the wonderful service.

Thanks again!
Danny Kramer Friday, May 29 2015

Michael Jackson Impersonation and Flamingo Lawn Greeting

Hi Margaret,

Thank you so much!!
My partner really enjoyed the Flamingo�s in the yard.
A great surprise, and placed so well you would think they had just truly flown in for Raf�s birthday!
Michael Jackson was so entertaining and such a good dancer.
Raf commented �Learning some of the moves took me out of my comfort zone but I had so much fun learning the moves from Michael Jackson�.
Everyone else at the party commented on how much they enjoyed the show and how it was amazing that MJ �Moon walked on carpet�� true skill.

Thanks so much it really made the party.
Rosa Colavito-Palao May 23 2015

"Frozen" - Elsa, Anna & Olaf Storybook Princess Package

It was great!
Everyone loved it and had a great time.

Thanks again.
Devon May 23 2015

Spider man Action Packed Party

Today we had Spiderman show up to my son's 7th birthday.
He was Amazing!!
He was everything you expect from a Superhero visiting a birthday party!
He had a very discreet entrance and surprised the children with his presence and was absolutely fabulous entertaining them.
The hour he was here was so exciting it seemed as though it was only minutes of excitement!
I will be certainly recommending this service to everyone I know that is looking for an exciting, entertaining time for children that want an extra something to make a memorable event even more special and memorable.

Thank you so much.
Daniel Chrusch May 23 2015

Top n Tails Singing Telegram
(Mock 'strip a gram' for shock impact turns into Traditional Top Hat n' Tailcoat Singing Telegram)

Everyone enjoyed the performance -
They had an experience that made their day!!
Weirdly, everyone was disappointed he didn't complete his first stint.
That confused me - lol !!!!

Thank you again.
Sharon May 15 2015

An Illegal Mexican Comedy Roast .. "Ole"

He was awesome!!
Worth Every penny!!

Thank again.
Shawn Windsor May 14 2015

Elvis Impersonation and Nurse's Week Balloons

Hi Margaret,
The nurses, as well as myself, really enjoyed the entertainer �Elvis� for our Nursing Week luncheon celebration.
It made the nurses feel very special and appreciated.
It was nice to see everyone having fun, laughing and enjoying the afternoon together.
The balloon bouquets were a great addition.
Thank you!!

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate with the Nurses for Nursing week!

Sandra Hoebee May 13 2015
Holy Family Residence

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

It went great!!
Jason said he was very embarrassed but it was a good embarrassed!
Made the day special for him and something he won't forget.

Thanks again,
Allyson Bell May 12 2015

Mother's Day - Disney Princess Singer

Saturday went well!
The tenants really enjoyed it.
They are still talking about it!

Thank you so much.

Jackie Perry May 9 2015
Director of Health and Wellness
Seine River Retirement Residence

Lady Gaga Impersonator

It was great!!
She had the persona down AND she engaged with the audience, which was awesome.
Thank you so much.

Ashelee Abella May 2 2015

Chicken Telegram

The chicken at earls was a RIOT!!!
Kind regards,

Jon Barkman May 2 2015

Richard Simmons Impersonation

It went great.
Richard Simmons was great and so was our President!!
They danced a lot with a lot of laughs.
Everyone enjoyed themselves.
Not many pictures with props but people loved it.
I am sure we will use you in the future.

Thank you.

Costa Cholakis
Broadway Florists May 1 2015

Clarke Gable Impersonation

Thank you so much for visiting with Mom.
She was happy when you were in the room.
You were so kind and gentle with her.
It is touching and so greatly appreciated to see a genuinely compassionate person masquerading as an actor.
This wasn't an easy job I know...but you were wonderful as always.
Thank you 'Clarke'.

Dr. Carla Norris-Raynbird May 1 2015

Barbershop Quartette

Great show!!
Everyone enjoyed them.
Will be sure to contact you in the future.

Cliff Bebber April 26 2015.

Face Painting Clown and Ninja Turtle Mascot

Hi Margaret

I just wanted to let you know that our Party was a big hit thanks to the great job that Ryan has done.
I have also highly recommended you guys to a few friends and family and hope to get you more business.
We were very pleased with Ryan�s kindness/patience with the children.
He did a wonderful job and we will be coming back to you in the future. Thanks again.

David Trudeau April 25 2015
Service Manager
Industrial Truck Service Ltd.

Cowgirl - Mini Comedy Roast

They said it was great and the birthday boy loved it!!!
We saw some video and we were very happy!!!

Thanks so much!!!!
Cheryl Cooper April 25 2015

Elvis Impersonation - Concert

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for everything!
Elvis was a huge hit!!!
The individuals we support enjoyed his performance and some even got onstage to dance with him!
We appreciate him coming down and giving his all to the performance.
This was our second time using Scheme a Dream for this organization, and it was just as successful as the first time with Michael Jackson.
Some members of another Board I'm on, who were in attendance, suggested we should use your services for their functions as well.
Great job!

Tyanne McNicoll April 23 2015
Arcane Horizon

Buzzard Lawn Greeting

Thanks so much.
It was a great surprise!! My brother was really pleased.

Penny Ashton April 22 2015

Elvis Impersonation

I heard things went very well!!
My wife's coworkers took pictures and apparently Elvis caught her completely off guard.
Thank you and job well done!

Tom Gnutel April 22 2015

Patrick Gregoire - Magician

Hi Margaret,
I am just dropping you a line to let you know that I loved the show Patrick did, and so did all of my guests.
We all LOVED Patrick!!
I would recommend him in a minute to friends.

Thanks again.
Debbie Ve Vos April 18 2015

Gorilla Gram

Thank you Gorilla, you are AWESOME!!

Jomar Manzano April 17 2015

Elvis Impersonation

Elvis was great!!
The residents really enjoyed him.
We had a lot of laughs when he got the men up to learn how to dance.
Please pass that on to him.
Our photographer will have the pictures done by next week and am looking forward to seeing them.
We don't have dinners during the summer months, but in the fall we will be sure to talk to you about another entertainer.
Thank you Margaret.

Eleanor White April 15 2015

Cookie Monster Telegram

Dear Margaret,

Just wanted to let you know the experience was well worth it...she is still talking about it.
She made a fuss about "public Humiliation" .. :) but deep down she really enjoyed herself.
Thank you and Alex for a wonderfully positive experience and trust me, if I ever have any need for you guys again there will be no hesitation to call you again

Thank you
Jackie Petursson April 12 2015

Elvis Impersonation

Elvis was great!
Thank you!!
Everyone commented on how well he interacted with The Birthday Girl and with the crowd.
I will definitely keep him in mind for our next special occasion.
Coleen thought he was the highlight of the party..

My 8 year old niece wants him for her birthday party..

Thank You.

Teresa Wood April 11 2015

Arresting Police Officer - Roast

He was great!!
We "got her real good" she didn't have a clue.


Linda Sherrin March 31 2015
Riverwood Square

Elsa, Anna & Olaf - "Frozen Package"

Thank you for the wonderful show!!
Everybody loved when Elsa and Anna did their songs.
And the kids LOVED the story telling part!!
Job well done and the little boys enjoyed Olaf for sure.

I have recommended and will sure use your services again.
Thank you again.

Jewel De Jesus March 29 2015

RENT A NERD - 'Greta Geek' Comedy Roast

Everything went great.
Greta had everyone laughing and didn�t super embarrass the guest she was hitting on.

Good job!
Kevin Zacharkiw
Chief - East Selkirk Fire Dept Saturday, March 28 2015

Flamingo Lawn Greeting

Good Evening Margaret,

Just to let you know that the flamingos are a big success. My husband just loved them!!

Thank your men for doing such a good job under trying circumstances (highway conditions).

Pat Giesbrecht March 26 2015

Rent A Nerd - 'Lester Polyester'

Hi Margaret,

Sandy was very embarrassed � 12 minutes of constant red face.
Mission accomplished!

Performer was top notch!!
Gregory Ozechowsky March 23 2015

Batman Action Adventure Party

Calling up Batman through Scheme A Dream made for a fun adventure filled birthday party for my 7 year old son. The party guests all had a blast and Batman was great entertainment!

Amy Waluk March 20 2015

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Hi Margaret:
Things went well with Marilyn.
My Dad was thrilled!!!
Thank-you for your help in making my dad's 80th a success.

Val Squire March 14 2015

Elsa, Anna & Olaf - "Frozen Party

Thank you to Elsa, Anna & Olaf for coming to celebrate Elizabeth's 2nd Birthday!
Everyone had a great time including the adults who said this was one of the most entertaining birthdays they've been to.
No matter how young the children were, you kept them entertained with the many activities of singing, dancing, glitter tattoos & pin the tail in Olaf.

Thank you again!
Elizabeth Le Clerc March 14 2015

Spiderman Birthday Adventure

Hi There

I just wanted to send an email to let you know what a great time was had at my son�s birthday party with Spiderman
He did a great job keeping them entertained.
Will definitely call again to book.

Take care,
Elaine Banman Saturday, March 14 2015

ANNA - "Frozen Party"

Dear Margaret

I would like to thank you for sending "ANNA" to be at our granddaughter Kinley's 3rd Birthday party with family & friends.
The young lady you chose made Kinley very happy and special (since Kinley is also a little sister).
All the children and adults were attentive to the story Anna read and the super amazing tattoos made every one was proud to have.
To see Kinley waving good- bye to Anna through the window brought a tear of joy to us grandparents.
We knew these memories will be with Kinley forever.
Please say thank you to Anna from Kinley and 'Baba & Gigi'.

Gloria and David March 7 2015

Celebrity Make Over - Hair and Make-up Artists

Hi Margaret,

Today was great!
Jordan and Crystal were very nice, friendly and professional.
Our students will have nice memories that will last a lifetime.
I attached a picture of our Bruno Mars and Denise Richards.

Thank you for helping us turn a plan into a reality.

Sherry and Anat.
Gray Academy March 5 2015

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

I had the pleasure of working with �Marilyn� at one of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation signature events, Savour Food and Wine Experience, Presented by Qualico in partnership with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries on February 28th, 2015.

We asked our guests to travel back in time to the classic style of Old Hollywood.
What better guest to invite than Marilyn Munroe herself?
Marilyn�s costume & demeanor were on point and guests enjoyed interacting with a true Hollywood Star!
Thank you,

Monique Levesque-Pharoah February 28 2015
Manager, Sponsorship & Events
Health Sciences Centre Foundation

I Dream of Jeannie Impersonation

Hello Margaret,

Jeannie was very good.
We all had lots of fun.
She was on time and we enjoyed her .

Thank you,
Joanna Tyrna Febrary 25 2015

Balloon Twister and Elmo


I just wanted to say 'thank you so much'!
The performers were awesome!

We had a great time.

Amanda Schmatkow February 8 2015

Austin Powers Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

The Austin Powers character was phenomenal!
The restaurant put us in their party room which was great. My wife never suspected a thing.
Everyone was chatting amongst themselves when Austin Powers burst into the room with his theme song blaring.
My wife turned completely red in the face, totally unsuspecting.
Austin got her up to dance with him, she had a few drinks in her, so she was totally ready to party.
Austin told some really good jokes, all in line with the theme of the character and he was quite a bang-on look-a-like!
He finished the performance off by singing a spot on rendition of "She's a Lady".
It was definitely a hit and I would recommend him anytime.

It was definitely money well spent!

Feel free to use my comments in whole or in part on your website.

Trev Robb Friday, February 6 2015

Tom Jones Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

Tom was fantastic.
Everyone enjoyed the show.
Thank you again.
I will send pictures once I figure out how.

Take care!
Brad Broughton February 1 2015

Wyatt Earp and Dolly Parton Impersonations

Hi Margaret,

We hired both Wyatt Earp and Dolly Parton impersonators for our Corporate Western Themed Function.
Our guests had nothing but positive comments about our impersonators.
These two individuals really helped set the tone and the atmosphere for our event, making it an enjoyable and fun experience for all!

Denise Jackson January 31 2015
Princess Auto

Elvis Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

We heard back from the birthday girl and everything was wonderful, beyond expectations!!
Terry loved the surprise, thought Elvis was awesome and was gushing all night!!!

Thank you so much.
We are recommending your company to everyone!
Looking forward to using your company again.

Zoya Martin January 28 2015

Event Planning Services -
"Let's Make A Deal" - September 2014 (Winnipeg) and "Halloween Dance Bash" - October 2014(Toronto)

Dear Margaret,

I’m sending you my sincere thanks and gratitude for working so closely with me to achieve my �vision�.
Having said that, you actually helped to fine tune my vision and in some areas, surpassed my original thought process!
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my needs, and especially for taking the time to process them and then come back with a well thought out proposal.
I rarely find people that under promise and over deliver, but I do believe you fit that �rare� category.
At the risk of raising peoples� expectations (which I don�t like to do), I will just say that with open communication and an open mind, results will most probably be outstanding with Margaret at Scheme a Dream.

Looking forward to our next �show�!

Thanks for everything,
Krystyna Roberts January 28 2015

Manager, Events
Corporate Marketing


Dolly Parton Impersonation

I just want to let you know that we absolutely loved Dolly Parton at our event yesterday.
We absolutely loved her show!!
The singing was wonderful and the way the whole show was put together was just excellent.
I didn't expect the dancing. and it was perfect when she sang, "I'll Always Love You".
It was very good!
It was fun and everyone really, really enjoyed it!!

Thanks again.
Jackie January 25 2015

Elvis Impersonation Mini Concert

They loved it, and my sister admits it was great!!
Thanks again,
Never disappointed with what I have seen.

Lois Proulx January 25 2015

Gypsy Tarot Reader, Glitter Tattoos and Air Brush Artist

Thanks very much.
The Gypsy Tarot Reader stayed beyond the agreed upon time to give those that wanted an opportunity to have their cards read � I really appreciated that.
Unfortunately I don�t seem to have any photos, but I can tell you definitively that everyone, children, teenagers and adults alike, thoroughly enjoyed the airbrush tattoos, glitter tattoos and card readings.
I had numerous people comment on how much they enjoyed themselves, how interesting they found the tattoo/tarot card experience, and how this was one of the more memorable parties they have been to in a long time.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Thanks again,
Beata Kozak January 24 2015

An illegal Mexican Telegram "ole"

The Mexican was awesome!
Such a hoot!
Please tell him how much fun he was.
The birthday girls were in hysterics the entire time and absolutely loved him!!
They were really surprised, that's for sure.
They asked that I make sure to let you know how awesome he was.
He even had my mom in stitches so much so she couldn't stop laughing.
He kept the comedy appropriate, as there were little ones there, but still delivered great jokes to the adults without the little ones even being aware.

He really was very funny!!

Natalie Stefishen January 24 2015

Tom Jones Impersonation

Dear Tom Jones,

I want to thank you "Tom Jones" for coming to see me for my 40 th birthday last night.
I want to apologize if you felt like I didn't like you ! Lol
I enjoyed it and thought you were fantastic.
My family loved it and enjoyed seeing me squirm.
I didn't think I'd be on the other end of receiving a singing telegram performance.
I'm always the one arranging you to come to other's birthdays or anniversaries.
My family knows I have a hard time with surprises and being the center of attention.
Next time I'll remember to have a few glasses of wine.
Thank you again for making my 40th a memorable one :)

Until next time,
Lisa Hughes January 23 2015


Elsa & Anna "Frozen" Party

Thank you!!

Things went great!
I passed your card onto a few friends for their children's birthday parties.

The kids really loved it!!

Tyler Reimann January 3 2015


RENT A NERD "Greta Geek" Comedy Hour

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for the amazing show Greta put on.
I think she had the guys very confused, it was fantastic!
We will keep you in mind for future events, and spread the word on how much fun this was.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Best Regards,
Judy Danylchuk December 23 2014
Ultra-Span Technologies Inc.


Mick Jagger Impersonation

Very happy it all worked out.
I was sent some pictures and he looks like Mick!!
Thanks again.
I'm sure I'll be referring and coming back in due time for another.

Tyler Forsberg December 22 2014


Santa Visit

HI Margaret,

You were right!
Santa is top notch.
Santa was punctual and right on Que.
The 2 year old, who I thought could either scream in terror or embrace, loved Santa!!
Everyone at my party commented how special Santa was.
It was more than I had hoped for.
Thank you and especially thank the "big guy".
It was a an incredible and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Please pass this on to Santa.

Merry Christmas!
Thanks again,

Lorane Poersch     December 21 2014


Santa Visit

On behalf of the staff and children at Play n' Learn -
I would like to express our thanks to our Santa for our party December 19 2014.
He was by far the best Santa we ever had.
He talked to every child, getting down on the floor to talk to some of our very young 2 year olds.
It was very "magical".
We hope we can have our Santa back next year!
Thanks very much.
All the best in the upcoming year.

Thanks again Santa.

Pat Olson December 19 2104
Director - Play n Learn


"Frozen" Party - Elsa, Anna & Olaf

Our "Frozen" themed Christmas banquet was wonderful!
Elsa & Anna were stunning, sang beautifully, and interacted really well with the students.
Olaf was very much loved as well.
Thank you so much for making this event an amazing and unforgettable one.

Grace Mighty December 18 2014
Red River Valley Junior Academy School 13/14 Student Council


Elvis Impersonation

Thank you very much.
He was absolutely awesome.
She was embarrassed but LOVED IT!!
Totally last minute and you accommodated me within 2 hours.
I will be recommending your service to others.

Rod Dekeyster     December 8 2014


Fireman Comedy Telegram with Comical Strip

Hi Margaret,

I'm calling because today at work my friend was telling me that she was at a birthday party yesterday and there was a fireman and it was from Scheme A Dream™.
My friend said that he was just fantastic and that he was great.
They loved the fireman.
The ladies' name was Janet Simon.
If you check your notes you'll know who I am talking about.
I thought you'd love to hear this feedback and that I'd share the joy.

Anonymous Caller December 6 2014


Daycare Santa Visit

Hi, Margaret!

The girls said Santa was fantastic but they wanted to apologize.
Apparently the school age children were allowed to be disrespectful and rude.
Please don�t take that as a reflection of our centre.
Had I been here, this would not have happened.

We look forward to next year ( If you�ll have us)

Lisa Treft November 28 2104
Executive Director
Faith Children�s Centre Inc.


Santa Visit and Little Elf Helper

Hi Margaret,

Everything went great � we will definitely be using you guys next year!

Thank you,
Niki Nazarewich November 23
West Steel


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

It all went great!!!
She arrived right on time. Professional and really played the part.
Our group was a bit quiet but she never faltered and pushed for responses!

Thanks Again! And Happy Holidays!

Kristin Hoebee November 22 2014


Singing Cowboy

Hi Margaret,

Things went well with our Cowboy.
It was great!!

Janet Beach November 26 2014
Free Press


Can Can Dancers and Caricaturist

Hi Margaret,

The ladies were lovely & the caricaturist was most popular :)

Thanks again, you definitely delivered !!!

Alfie Imbrogno November 21 2014
Corporate Event Planner
National Leasing



Halloween Witch Children's Show

Thank you for the sensational job, my daughter was convinced The Witch would fly!

Donna Van De Walle October 26 2014


RENT A NERD - 'Lester Polyester' Comedy Telegram

Our Nerd at our Wedding Anniversary was excellent.
He was so good.
Absolutely excellent!!

You'll be hearing from me again.

Maggie Yabaoh October 26 2018


Ironman - The Invincible Action Packed

I just wanted to pass on a very well-deserved thank you to Iron Man who appeared at our grandson�s birthday party on Saturday.
The young man who was Iron Man did a great job.
He was punctual.
He was completely in character throughout and engaged a very active group of five year olds for the entire hour, playing games of tag, hide and seek and other games. He was just really good with kids.
He made sure all the kids had photos with him.
As he left, he waited at the front of the house (the party was in the back yard) as a couple of girls had wanted a picture taken.
So even though his time was done, he wanted to make sure if the girls still wanted a picture taken that he wanted to make sure they had their picture taken before he left

So, I am sure at times you hear about the events that don�t go well, I wanted to let you know what a really great job Iron Man did for Braiden�s birthday.

Thank you,

Don Campbell October 11 2014


Elsa "Frozen" Story Telling Visit

Hi Margaret,

Elsa was amazing!
She definitely has such a great voice!!

Lauren Clear October 11 2014


Elvis Impersonation and Mini Concert


Elvis was a HUGE hit for Ruth�s 80th Birthday Party!
Ruth and all her guests LOVED every minute of his show and were so thrilled that he took time to pose for photos with everyone!

Please let him know he was very much appreciated and enjoyed!!!

Tracy Vinck October 8 2014


Sexy Conservation Officer

Things were great !!!!
She really knew how to work the crowd.
And she did a really great job of picking out key points from the information that I sent!!
She even involved other guests by using some one liners.
We were very impressed and would definitely consider using your company in the future!

Thanks again :)

Pam Schirle October 4 2014


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn was a HIT!!!

Herta Towle October 3 2014


Glitter Tattoo Artists

They were fantastic!
Anyone looking for tattoo artists I will absolutely pass on your contact info.

Thanks Margaret

Sheila October 3 2014



Hi Margaret,

From everything I heard the Magician was great!!
He started out a bit slower, but then really got into it.
A very nice, polite young man.
Not to mention very talented!!
Our guests were blown away.

Thank you.
Betty Wilson October 2 2014


Elvis Impersonation and Mini Concert

Hi Margaret,

Elvis was excellent.
He was enjoyed by all and he is really great at improvising and going with the flow / mood of the room.

Gord Fries September 25 2014


Minnie Mouse Character Telegram

Morning Margaret,

Minnie was awesome thank-you!
My two little grandchildren were still talking about her at supper yesterday!
Thanks � Minnie and thanks to you for arranging!

Janet Lamirande September 20 2014


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Larry called me to say Marilyn Monroe was very entertaining.
One of the best he has experienced.

Thanks for making it happen.

Jim Malvin September 13 2014


Elvis Impersonation

Hi Margaret.

Please thank Elvis for me.
My mom was ecstatic!
She said he was such a good singer and so easy to talk to.
Thanks again!
Ginette Roth September 10 2014


Country Campfire Cowboy Singer

Went great!

Thanks so much for your help!

Jackie Perry September 6 2014 Seine River Retirement Residence


Flirty Female Construction Worker

Hi Scheme A Dream™,

I just thought I would let you know that we were very pleased with the performer last night.
Everybody in attendance was kept in stitches during her whole performance.
She was so convincing, some people really thought she was his employee.

Bobbi McCallum August 27 2014


Queen Elizabeth II Impersonation

It was great!
It was a total surprise for my wife... the guests got a real kick out of it too!
The "royal visit" added quite a bit of levity to our graduation theme party.

Thank you once again!


Walter Krawec August 24 2014


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

I had Marilyn come out for an outside event.
Even though it was cold and rainy, she gave a humorous performance.
She had all our attention and people didn't even notice that the rain went from drizzle to downpour.

Thank you.

Fran B August 23 2014


Santa Visit in August

Santa was a hit!!
The kids had an awesome time.
I thought he did a great job ...
He was very good with the kids!
The moms enjoyed him too!

Thanks again!
Christina August 17 2014

Elsa "Frozen

Hi Margaret!

I just wanted to say thank you once again!
This is the 3rd time that we have seen your Elsa.
Abigail is still beaming!!
She still insists her favorite part of the day was Elsa.
I am attaching a few pictures for you, enjoy!!

And thank you both for making Abigail feel extra special on her 5th birthday !!

Jacqui Bell August 17 2014


Elvis Impersonation

Hi Margaret

Elvis was a great hit at the party!!
I have not seen the pictures yet.
All the information that I sent, he was totally up on and they were totally impressed.

Thank you very much and please thank Elvis for the great job done.
I have told many people about the experience and everyone at the party were very impressed.

Anita and Kevin Smith  August 17 2014


Elvis Impersonation and Mini Concert

Hi Margaret,

We enjoyed "Elvis" very much! (Especially the middle aged people in the crowd).
There were a fair amount of people in their 20's who don't really know him, but he was very good!
The bride and groom were very surprised!

Thanks again!

Pam Wazney August 16 2014

Elsa "Frozen

We loved Elsa at the party.
She was so good with the children:
She kept the children's attention while singing, dancing, playing games and taking pictures.
She took the time to give each child a necklace and tattoo while making them feel very special.
She had a beautiful singing voice (when she sang "Let It Go") to go with her gorgeous smile and costume.

Thank you again.
Kristy Anderson August 9 2o14


Donna Summers Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

Donna Summers was awesome !!
My boss kinda figured something was up, but did not expect a Donna Summers impersonator, and he totally loved it.

Thanks again for your assistance.
Paula Desjarlais  August 7 2014

Elvis Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that we ALL very much enjoyed Elvis’ visit on Sunday. 
He was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He truly made the party an incredible success. 
Everyone is still talking about it. 
Cliff keeps watching the videos over and over again and laughing hysterically.

Thank you Margaret for making it happen and please thank Elvis again on my behalf.

Charmaine DeBlois  August 3 2014

Spider-man Action Packed Adventure

Just a note to say thanks so much for your service.
The Spider-man performer, this past Sunday, was a real gem and a thrill for our little ones.
We would definitely recommend your service in the future.

Thanks again.
Darcell Bohemier July 20 2014

Gorilla Character Telegram

I wanted to thank you guys so much for pulling together a gorilla on such short notice.
It was great!!
He disappeared before I could thank him.
I know it was hot and really appreciate the effort on your guys part.
It was really great!!

Thanks again.

Adam Blanchard July 20 2014

Elsa & Anna (Frozen)

Hi Margaret,

This is the 2nd time with the same Elsa performer.
First time was at Balmoral Hall.
Things went very well with Elsa and Anna.
Thank you!!
It was also nice that another girl at the party had Elsa at her party and Elsa knew her.
It made for a very authentic experience.

Thanks again.
Tracy White July 16 2014

Elsa (Frozen)

It turn out good.
The kids had fun - even adults were surprised when they saw my special guest.
She was very good and everyone loved it!!
Looking forward to her "special gift"!

Thanks again.
Agnes Gementiza July 12 2014

Count Dracula Character Telegram

Things went great!
Being in Romania, I wanted to do something to "blow her away" on her birthday.
I'm stationed 10 miles from Count Dracula's Castle and so what better but "The Count" to wish he Happy Birthday.
She was very embarrassed and very happy.

You guys made me look like a great boyfriend!

Thanks again.
Jordan Brouillard July 10 2014

Elvis Impersonation


Elvis was everything we had hoped for and more!!!
The family from all provinces was already the thrill of a lifetime for her, she had all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren together at once .... but then in came Elvis!
He was on time, hilarious, incredibly talented, very professional and looked amazing...as well as being the surprise of the night!!
I couldn't be happier with the service and performance he put on!
And to top it off, he was my surprise 11 years ago when he was at my house for my 30th birthday - He knew it as soon as he walked in the door and he remembered the event when he was another character for my party!
It was perfect!!
Can't say enough good things about it all .... and the feeling was mutual by all who were here!!
He braved the weather, and the heat and humidity of the house in full outfit.
Please convey this message to Elvis.

Thanks for all your help, and patience to make this day a most memorable one!

Dana Hunter June 29 2014

Jack Sparrow Impersonation

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance of Jack Sparrow!
I had called another company waiting over a week for them to get back to me.
Finally, they called me to let me know they couldn't find a Jack Sparrow performer.
I found Scheme A Dream™ the day before I needed him and I was able to book Jack Sparrow without any delay.
Thank you for that and such short notice.
He was amazing!
He looked great, had the character perfectly and he was SO funny!!
He joked around with my granddaughter and made her feel very comfortable.
At one point he asked her what grade she was in and when she replied, "grade 11".
To that he said, "You'd better stay in school or you'll become a Pirate like me and entertain parties".
He was a true entertainer and I'd recommend Scheme A Dream™ to anyone.

Thank you again.
It was fantastic!

Linda Reimer June 27 2014

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn was fantastic.
Just the right amount of chat and singing and she stayed in character perfectly.

Please pass along our thanks.
Lil Smith June 26 2014

Casino DJ Service and Special Lighting


I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know show happy we were with your contribution our Birthday event on Wednesday.

Great job! You knocked it out of the park again!

Warm regards,

Gloria Veale | Promotions and Event Planner June 25 2014
Casino Promotions, Player Development and Recognition
On behalf of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Town Crier

Hi Margaret,

The Town Crier was great!
What a voice!
He's exactly what we were looking for.

P.S. Tell him thanks, for the quick 'how to play a trumpet' lesson in the parking lot.

Thanks & Happy Canada Day
Alfie Imbrogno
National Leasing
Corporate Event Planner

Darth Vadar Meet and Greet

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that whoever was Darth Vadar yesterday was AMAZING!
He was excellent with the children!
Not only was he interactive but very kind.

He is absolutely awesome and highly recommended.
Angela Howie June 23 2014

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn, did a fantastic job!!

Everyone had a great time.

Thanks for the laughter!

Sharon Tryzlak June 22 2014

Voyage Funeral

Elvis Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

The celebration went well and of course Elvis was the icing on the cake!!
Everyone enjoyed his time with us.
And his sense of humor, the guests were laughing their heads off.
One little girl (great grand daughter Jayda 3 years old), looked under her eyes at him the whole time and never blinked.
I think she was curious about the costume.
Sorry for delay on thanking you for setting this up for me, we were in Lakeview Heckla for the week compliments of our family.

Thanks again Margaret . I will certainly recommend Elvis to any party I know coming up .


Margaret McKee June 22 2014

Male RENT A NERD - Mini Comedy Roast

The nerd was and great everyone had a great time.
Although she was a little shy, we all had a good time .
I would to thank you and the nerd for help making Chantelle's 18th something to remember

Brenda Sutherland June 21 2014

RENT A NERD Greta Geek Comedy Roast

Hi Margaret,

Greta Geek very well received.
She was hilarious!!

I wished I had had her pose to be someone that would have known him better and then she could have used some of the info that we gave you.
I realized after that when she's looking for a job that she's doesn't really know the dirt on him so couldn't rally use any of that. She did a great job and it was very funny and tasteful.
The kids were very entertained too.

Thanks again

Carolyn Krawetz June 20 2014

Balloon Bouquet Arrangements

Hi Margaret,

The balloons were AMAZING!!!!

Many many thanks.

Cathy Stephens June 21 2014
Assistant General Manager
Inn At The Forks

RENT A NERD Greta Geek Character Telegram


Thank you so much for making my daughter�s birthday a special one.
Your Nerdette was truly entertaining. My daughter laughed her %$# off!
Please let your entertainer know she was awesome!
My family, especially my mom and dad were appreciative that you could get us someone on short notice!

Thanks again!

Thomas Ritter June 20 2014

Darth Vadar - Star Wars Ultimate Challenge

Hi Margaret

I wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL Darth Vadar was at my son's party on Friday.
He made a fantastic entry, was great with all the kids and was especially fantastic with my son, the birthday boy.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the individual who played the part.
He asked for nothing and kept coming up with great suggestions ("take his photo, move a chair here, etc.).
We were nothing but pleased with the experience.

Thanks again for a great experience!

Trina McFadyen June 20 2014

RENT A NERD Greta Geek Character Telegram

Hi Margaret,

It sounds like it was amazing!
Something he said he will remember for a very long time.
Wish I could have seen those tears LOL!

All the best and thanks for making this Father�s Day so special for our Dad.

Tammy Holunga and Family June 15 2014

Justin Bieber Impersonation

Good Morning Margaret,

All I can say is wow what an amazing job Justin Bieber did!!

I am speechless.

He was great with the kids and responded to question in a positive, friendly manner.

If awkward questions came up, he redirected the kids to the fact that today was about Skyla and not him.

Thank you once again.

FYI all the kids thought he was the real deal!!

I would highly recommend you and your company to all my friends.

I look forward to doing business with you again.

Sincerely ,
Nicole Dickerson June 14 2014

Elvis Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

I want to thank you and Elvis regarding the wonderful entertainment experience we received at my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary party on June 7, 2014.

Elvis arrived on time and totally surprised my parents as was the intention.
They had no idea that he was coming to perform.
My mom is a hard one to fool and so it was SO nice to finally surprise her.
Elvis's performance was so much fun and he actually had my Dad up dancing and singing....something we never thought we would see in our lifetime! My dad is not what you would call a social butterfly.
It was truly amazing!!!
Of course, he didn't have to do much to get my mom swooning.
My parents had a waltz together that brought a tear to many an eye.

Your Elvis is a true showman!!
And a great wit as he responded to any comments or situations that came his way.
The whole crowd just loved him, laughed and even sang along to a tune or two.
We had him for my Aunty's 50th birthday party some years ago as Johnny Cash and that was a great experience, but his Elvis is something else!!

Thanks again for making this day extra special for my parents and all attending.
We will continue to highly recommend your company and have Scheme A Dream™ entertain again at future events.

Kindest regards
Kim Lachula June 7 2014

Austin Powers Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

Thank you!  Thank you!
Thank you to you and to the Austin Powers performer for helping to make our party a great success!
We cannot rave enough about his performance and our guests felt the same as well.
However, I must also apologize for not doing a proper intro befitting his entrance and would appreciate it if you could pass this on to him.
I was tied up with getting our guests seated etc and Joanne was tied up getting the food organized and we both lost track of time, so again, our sincerest apologies to him.
However, we ensured that our guests knew where he was from and many of them made note of Scheme A Dream™ for future reference, so I am certain that many of these boomers will be in contact with you as they celebrate their functions.

Thank you again!
Joanne and Brad Broughton   June 7 2014

RENT A NERD - Greta Geek Comedy Roast

I thought the Nerdette was very tasteful.
It was huge enjoyment for the co workers, as they watched the 40 year employee get entertained for his retirement.
It helped pass the time along between the main course meal, desert and presents.
We also liked the fact we could pick risque or conservative, as the person retiring was pretty religious and would not have wanted sexual innuendos, etc.
All in all, we would Rent A Nerd again as the entertainment value is truly fantastic for a good laugh.

Ryan Nemis    June 6, 2014
Ken's Carpets & Urban Home Style Centre


RENT A NERD Greta Geek - Mini Comedy Roast

Thanks so much for being so accommodating to our last minute (same day) request.
It was a complete hit!

Paul the birthday man, was completely surprised, and his entire office was invited to the surprise show.
They loved it, and had a blast.

Thank so much.

We will definitely recommend you.

Chantelle Nault June 5, 2014

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Marilyn was FANTASTIC!!

Thank you so much.

Rhonda Gowrie May 24 2014

Tarot Reader and Glitter Tattoo Artist

Thank you.

She was GREAT!

We totally enjoyed the Tarot Reader Reader and the tattoos.

She was amazing!!

Everyone loved it!!

Robin Woodward May 24 2014

RENT A NERD Greta Geek Comedy Roast and Comical Strip

She was absolutely excellent.


This was exactly what I wanted.

Thank you.
Darryl Muir May 16 2014

Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

The tenants loved �Dorothy�.
We did wish for a little bit more singing, but it ended up working out quite well as taking pictures was a big hit!
We would definitely like to be in touch for other events.

Jackie Parry May 10 2014
Director of Health and Wellness
Seine River Retirement Residence

Elsa "Frozen"

Elsa was awesome.
All the girls were enamored with her and the activities.
The girls had a blast.

Andrea May 9 2014

Dorothy - 'Wizard of Oz' Impersonation

Thank you for a wonderful job!
We look forward to working with your company again for our other daughters third birthday in September!

Many thanks.

The Lane Family   Sunday, May 4 2014

Elvis Impersonation and Flamingo Lawn Display

Hi Margaret

Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out great.
Elvis was a huge hit and we will be talking about last night for a long time.
The flamingos were also great.
My wife was totally surprised, as was everyone else as I managed to keep it a secret.

Thanks again for everything.

Steve Sanderson   Saturday, May 3 2014

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Hi Margaret

Lyle thoroughly enjoyed Marilyn Monroe's performance.
He was shocked, surprised, embarrassed, and thrilled all at the same time.

Thanks for a job well done!

Don McCaskill  May 1 2014

Elsa, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty

Father and Daughter Ball 102.3 Clear FM

We�ve hired Scheme A Dream™ for the last 2 years at our Father Daughter Ball.

We have over 500 dads & daughters attending and the princesses that Margaret and Scheme A Dream™ provided were a HUGE hit!

The authenticity of Elsa, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle Snow White and Rapunzel were amazing and definitely put us over the top!

Margaret is a true professional and we will recommend her to everyone.

Brent Bernas  April 30 2014
102.3 Clear FM

Princess Leia Impersonation

Hi Margaret,
Princess Leia was a hit!
Chris was a little nervous not knowing what to expect, however, the adults loved it and so did the children. 
Will forward pictures soon.
Thank you!

Joanne Ruchka  April 27 2014

Rent A Nerd - Greta Geek  Character Telegram


It went very well with Greta Geek.

Kelly McDonald   April 26 2014


Batman and Elsa Impersonations

Hi Margaret,

Our Daycare hired Scheme A Dream™ to bring alive Batman and Elsa.
Both performers were very professional and the children really thought they had met their idols.
Thanks to both performers for being successful and entertaining.
Batman and Elsa both were amazing and they made some great memories for the young children that were able to see them.
They both took the time to talk to the kids and take pictures with each child.
Thanks for everything.

We will definitely hire Scheme A Dream™ again.
Karrie (Director) April 25 2014
Sunnyside Childcare


Michael Jackson

Hi Margaret

The Michael Jackson impersonator was FABULOUS!
Everyone loved him!
Lots of people went to him for your contact information.
We are looking at the website to try to decide who we may have come out next year!!

Thanks for everything!

Amy Tang   April 24 2014
Arcane Horizons

Nerdy Mexican Comedy Roast(Edmonton)

Hi Margaret

I received a few calls and everyone said the performer was fantastic!

Thank you so much.

Jackie Coley
April 24 2014 (Winnipeg)

Balloon Twisting Clown and Elmo

To Scheme A Dream™

Your performer was terrific and all the kids loved both the Clown and Elmo.
Thank you so much.
Here are a couple of photos of Elmo with my son and with the kids dancing.
The kids were a bit frightened when Elmo first came out but warmed up to him and then adored him

Police Officer Arrest Comedy Roast

We hired a singing policeman to surprise our co-worker on her birthday. 
He was so funny and had everyone in stitches! 
My cheeks hurt all day from laughing!”


Amie Walcott    April 17 2014

Rod Stewart Impersonation

Sounds like things went well… we’ve seen a couple of photos and are just waiting for them to send us the video that was taken.

Thanks very much!

Dana Way   April 24, 2014
Victoria, BC

Flamingo Lawn Greeting

Hi Margaret,


I can’t wait to see it and share photos with you.

She is going to freak!!

I have put the word out all over Transcona that if they are wondering where all the Pink Flamingos are, they flew over to Madeline Street to help celebrate Joanne’s 70th birthday on her lawn and it was thanks to Scheme A Dream™!!!

A lady overheard me taking about it at my hairdressers yesterday and wants to get some for her son as a housewarming gift since he moved to Transcona.

You will get more calls.

Have a wonderful day

Debbie St Amant   April 24 2014


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Things went very well with Marilyn.

She did a fantastic job!
She was quick on her feet and she kept the audience very entertained.
Scale of 1-10 she was a 10.

Thank you again for making the party a success.

Shane Johnston April17 2014


Flamingo Lawn Greeting and Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Dear Margaret and all,

You're personal touch and truly heart-felt service means so much!
My husband and I are so far from home, and your work really does make us feel a bit closer for those special occasions!

Makes me so proud to be Canadian

Thanks again,
Jenn (& Piers) April 17 2014

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty

It was excellent, thanks so much for helping us support this important cause
We had a blast.

Jeremy John
Host - Breakfast Television - City

Elvis Impersonator

Our experience was fantastic .. Elvis lives !!

Pierre Campeau April 10 2014

Kramer Impersonation

The entertainer was good.
We all had a good laugh.

Jozef Madzik April 8 2014

Traditional Top 'n Tails Telegram

He was excellent!
It was perfect!
Thank you for the suggestion.
He sang "She's a Lady" which is her favorite song.
It couldn't have been any better.

Thanks again.
Vern Dano April 7 2014

Dolly Parton Impersonation

Thank you so much!
Dolly Parton was absolutely excellent.
She made the party and made the night!!
People commented all night how amazing she was.

Thanks again.

Louise Izzard April5 2014

Cher Impersonation

Cher was very much enjoyed and a delighted surprise.

Lesley, April 5 2014

Floyd the Clown and Mickey Mascot

Hi Margaret,

Thank you so much for providing the entertainment for the birthday party.
It was fantastic not only for the kids but the adults as well!!
I will definitely keep you in mind for any future events and parties we may have!!

Thanks once again!!

Leena Brar :)
March 28 2914


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for coming on short notice!
It went great!!!

marilyn monroe sings happy birthday to philly

Thanks again
Stacey, March 18 2014

Cinderella Visit

Cinderella did a great job.
The kids loved her and my daughter was mesmerized the entire time ..
She is still telling people about it.

Thanks again.
Megan March 16 2014

Greta Geek - Nerd-ette Comical Strip a Gram

We ALL thoroughly enjoyed Greta Geek on Saturday night!
I loved the tucked in jersey.
Darcy wore the jersey, hat and garter for the rest of the night - LOL!

Tracy Gawly March 15 2014

Nerdette Comedy Roast (Edmonton)

Morning Margaret,
Just wanted to pass along a Thank You for the performer on Fri night for our good friend Barry.
She was terrific!!
We had lots of laughs and giggles!!
And she had an amazing voice!!
Please let her know for us, and again thank you :)

Louise Hardy (Edmonton) March 14 2014

Elvis Impersonation

He was absolutely fabulous!!
I have never been to an event where the ladies had more fun.
He even got a grandma up dancing, and she's 88.
He came in playing his guitar and then when he started singing, and all of Elvis' mannerisms, well, I just can't say enough..
He sounded so close to Elvis that it's unbelievable
This guy is a real professional, not just anyone can do that.
We will definitely recommend Scheme A Dream™.
I wouldn't doubt if every lady at the Bridal Shower called to let you know how amazing he is!

I have a video which I'll send for other people to see on your advertising.

Thanks again for your amazing Elvis.

Arlene Lelliott   March 9 2014

Rent A Nerd 'Lester Polyester' Mini Comedy Roast

Rented Lester Polyester for my husband’s 60th birthday and it was great!

He was very entertaining and kept the crowd laughing …

I would highly recommend doing this for anybody that has a good sense of humor and enjoys being entertained…

Thanks so much.

Eva February 28  2014

Floyd the Clown

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that Floyd was AMAZING!
The kids loved him!!
He was so funny that he had the kids laughing the entire time.
Thank you for suggesting Floyd the Clown.
The act was a hit and made the party a total success.

Thanks again and please let him know that he was great!

Jeff February 23 2014

Clarke Gable, Jester, Balloon Decorating

Once more, Scheme-a Dream and those they contract with, have out done themselves.   
From the beautiful balloon arch, to the antics of the Court Jester, to the dashingly handsome and convincing 'Clark Gable' we were once more enthralled and entertained by the talents of your committed artists.   
Emma Norris' 100 Birthday Mardi Gras celebration was an unprecedented success.  
Even though she has memory loss, 'Clark Gable' is vivid in her mind. 
You made her very happy...and you have the sincerest thanks and appreciation from her family.
Dr. Carla Norris-Raynbird. Bemidji, MN    February 22 2014


Snow White Story Telling Visit


We hired Snow White for our daughters 7th birthday.
What a fun experience!
The kids listened intently to the story telling and they loved the tattoos.
When Snow White handed our daughter a gift, her face lit up and she sleeps with it every night.
Thank you so much for the wonderful party.

We will definitely be using Scheme A Dream™ again In the future!

Tracy Bouchard February 22 2014

Cinderella, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Elvis Impersonations

Scheme A Dream™!!!!
You bring more than life to a PARTY...

You bring a memory of a life time!!!

We have used your business both for Private (Marilyn and Cinderella) and Corporate Parties (Michael Jackson and Elvis).

We recently had the opportunity to have Elvis at our February Fundraising Event for our Program and also Michael Jackson for our Halloween Social.

Both were Amazing, talented and with the style and grace that only they could have.

Everyone loved it and we look forward to having Scheme A Dream™ again.

We recommend Scheme A Dream™ to anyone wanting to make a moment to remember!!!

Thank You So very Much.

Stephanie Reeves February 20

Elvis Impersonation Concert

We had a Blast!!!
Elvis was AMAZING!
His voice was "Perfect"!!
Everyone here with DASCH Inc., and all other agencies, had another amazing and memorable moment with Scheme A Dream™.
Thank You Scheme A Dream™ and Thank YOU Elvis, We love You!!!!
One of our ladies was almost was in tears...
She said, "Oh my goodness, I got his (Elvis') autograph!!!"

Stephanie Reeves
February 20 2014

Elvis Impersonation


Just wanted to let you know that Elvis was a huge hit for my wife's Valentine.
Everyone at the office had great things to say about it and my wife also enjoyed it.
In fact, she loved it and she said he was great!

Thanks again and a big thanks to Elvis!

Jim Rak February 14 2014

Elvis Telegram

Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything!
That was amazing.
I will be recommending you guys in the future

February 13 2014

DJ and Lighting Service

Good morning all,

What a great night last night.
So many great compliments on your set-ups and entertainment.

You are a great team.
Take a bow! You deserve it!

Best regards,
Gloria Veale - Promotions and Events February 6 2014
McPhillips Street Station Casino

Princess Belle Story Telling Visit

Thank you so much for such a great presentation of Belle.
The girls were absolutely mesmerized and our daughter talked about it for weeks after and still talks about Belle.
Even after finding our place in the country Belle played straight into character.
She was fabulous!!!

We would certainly book again!!!

February 10 2014

Flamingo Lawn Greeting

To Everyone at Scheme A Dream™,

Thank you.
I just want to thank you for helping to make my birthday a very memorable one.
It was a day I will never forget.

Donna Tillett Selkirk, MB February 6 2014

P.S. I am going to miss all those birds.

Michael Jackson Impersonation

MJ Was the biggest hit at our event with DASCH Inc.
He was so incredible, taking time to take pictures with everyone and giving an amazing performance.
Cant wait to have Scheme A Dream™ apart of us again in the new year!!

Stephanie Reeves
January 7 2014

Christmas Entertainment for Corporate Event
(DJ Services, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Marilyn, Caricaturist, Elfie)

Hi Margaret,

For the last few years we have engaged the services of Scheme A Dream™ for our corporate Holiday Gatherings.
The entertainment is always professional, engaging, and appropriate for a corporate environment.
The impersonators are always amazing and the quality of the caricature artists we have had are second to none.
Our staff always enjoys our parties and Scheme A Dream™ helps us take it to that next level.
We have also hired entertainers for our Children�s Holiday party.
This year we had Elfie, a story telling Elf, come to entertain the children.
It was such a magical time for everyone who was there.
She really got the children into the spirit of Christmas and you could tell she really captured their hearts.
It was the best Children�s Holiday party to date!

Thanks Elfie, and everyone at Scheme A Dream™ for adding that something special to our Holidays each year!

Lisa January 9 2014
Rothsay Winnipeg

New Year's Eve Corporate - Phantom of The Opera
(Mc Phillips Street Staion)

Hello Margaret

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the team you assembled, for their exemplary effort and performance at McPhillips Station Casino New Year�s Eve.
I was so impressed Margaret, with the way you produced and directed your part of our event.
It was breathtaking and I was very proud of the final product.
You provided a wonderful service and I look forward to working with you again.
Please convey to all of your team my sincere thanks and appreciation for their professionalism and attention to detail.

Best regards,
Gloria Veale| Promotions and Event Planner December 31 2013

New Year's Eve Corporate - Ice Queen and Fire Queen
(Regent Casino)


I haven�t had a chance to talk to you about New Year's Eve but it went really well!
The girls were fantastic!
They were well received by the guests and a pleasure to work with.
I'll send photos when they are uploaded.

Amber December 31 2013
Promotion and Event Planner
Regent Casino

Santa Visit - Christmas Eve


I just want to let you know how pleased we were with Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve
He was absolutely wonderful and probably the best that we've ever had. 
For over 30 years, we've had many experiences with "Santa" and we've never had one as warm and genuine as this year. 
He chatted, sang and made each child feel incredibly special and for this we are grateful.

Looking forward to next year and once we have some plans in place, we will not hesitate to make a booking.

Thanks again!
Lori Gunnlaugson

PS I've spread the word to many about our wonderful experience so you may get some calls for next year.

Miss Candy Cane

It was awesome Margaret
Candy Cane was great!
Everyone loved it and not offensive at all.
Thanks again.

Happy new year.

Lovey December 24 2013

Christmas Gram - Elfie

Hi Margaret!!

Thank you so much for the amazing service!
Larry was sooooo happy and soooo surprised.
He was just thrilled and said the tears just streamed out!!

He said the elf was perfect - spot on and couldn't believe how fluid she was!!! =)

Thank you very much for making this gift so extra special!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Ami December 19 2013

Corporate Santa

Good Morning Margaret,

Happy New Year to you!

Santa was fantastic!!
He was on time, funny and very engaging!
All the parents and kids thought he was fabulous and I would like to book the same Santa for our 2014 Kids Christmas party!

Thanks and I look forward to working with you again,

Angela DoCouto December 14 2013
Inn At The Forks Sales Manager

Joan Rivers Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for sending Joan Rivers to our Christmas Party.

The Joan Rivers impersonator went off very well.
I received many positive comments on how she was funny and not offending.

Thanks for the wonderful memories for me and my staff.

Adele Kozyniak December 12 2013
Regional Manager
Shelter Canadian Properties

Children's Entertainment Package
(Featuring Glitter Tattoo Elf and Balloon Twisting Magician)

Happy New Year, Margaret!!

The Elf and Mago were awesome!!!
Thanks so much for making our event so memorable!!!

Have a wonderful year, Margaret!!!

Al Ferndandes December 8 2013
University of Manitoba

Princess Belle Storybook Visit

Hi Margaret,

Belle was absolutely amazing!
Everything about her was perfect
Thank you so much for the magical experience!!
Eliese will be so excited to know that Belle is thinking of her in Disneyland!
Again thank you to your Belle for such a great job.
All of the girls (and adults) were mesmerized.

Signey, December 1, 2013

Corporate Santa

Santa was loved by all the kids. 
He even made a boy believe in him again. 
He had a smile on his face the entire time.

Thank you again for all your help!

Nicole Rempel   December 7 2013

Christmas Entertainment for Corporate Event
(Featuring: Face Painting and Airbrush with Elves, Lightbulb the Clown, Mago the Magician and Christmas Mascot Meet & Greets)

We are very pleased with the entertainment you provide with your services.

Thank you for sending out the best!

Hope PCFS November 30 2013

Christmas Entertainment Package for Corporate Event
(Santa, Elves and Magician)

It's always a pleasure.
You make my job so easy and everyone is very impressed with Elfie, the face painters, glitter artists, the Magician and Santa
Your Gift Basket arrangements are also appreciated.

Looking forward to booking next year's entertainment.

Michelle MCFFS November 23 / December 1 2013

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, DJ Service, Caricaturist - Christmas Package

Hi Margaret,
Thanks for following up for feedback!

Everything went well with the entertainment, everyone enjoyed it!
I was especially impressed with the Marilyn impersonator!
Elvis was also great.
The Caricaturist was wonderful, he was so fast!
Everyone had enough time to get the pictures done and they didn�t have to wait so long in line. He was also very pleasant!
The DJ was very pleasant and helpful. We have a lot of dancers in our group, so dancing is a big piece of our party.
We will definitively be requesting Andre - he played the best music, a really good mix of everything and even helped me do announcements and he helped look after dimming the lights ect.
Anyway, thanks again for all your help this year.

I�m also wondering if we can book an elf to come to our kids Christmas Party.


Gorilla Peel to Jane of the Jungle

The entertainer was a lot of fun.
She was on time and had a great personality.
The character was great!
Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
The birthday boy was very surprised by it all and I think he really enjoyed it as well.
All in all a success!

Thanks for all your help, I think we will for sure do something like this again.

Pam November 16 2013

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

Good meeting Marilyn Monroe on Saturday Night.
I thought I should tell you, everyone was saying what a great job that Marilyn Monroe did and how much they enjoyed her Impersonation .

Tom Andrich November 16 2013

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation (Calgary)

Happy New Year!

Marilyn was absolutely awesome!!

She fit right in with our crowd and even sang a song with a guy we hired to play guitar and sing for us for the evening.

We liked her so much we offered to have her stay and enjoy the evening with us, but sadly she had to leave.

Very nice lady.

Deborah December 31 2013

Police Officer

Thank you for the awesome performance today!
The cop was very convincing & my sister loved it!!
 It was worth every penny.

Vicki    November 15 2013

Shrek Meet & Greet

Shrek was absolutely excellent!!
He made the party and made my birthday.
All 60 of us loved him!
I couldn't have imagined it performed any better and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
It was the best gift my family could have offered me.

All the best,
Irene Mirecki November 11 2013

Nerdy Customer - Mini Comedy Roast

Hello Margaret,

Thank you so very much for sending Lester Polyester.
He had us in fits of laughter!
A very talented fellow, who knew the pulse of his audience right away and went with it.
We will definitely be calling again for our next victim and we will call for Lester Polyester!

What a hoot!
Tannis Taylor November 5 2013
Gauthier Auto Group

Elvis, Johnny Cash, Tina Turner, I Love Lucy, Elton John, Jack Sparrow

Hello Margaret,

We were very impressed with all the impersonators at Club Regent Casino and McPhillips Street Station.
The feedback on the atmosphere created by your team was all positive!
Job Well Done!
Your team did a great job!
They provided the atmosphere we were looking for and all did a great job!

Kerri-Lynn Miller October 31 2013
Casino Promotions, Player Development & Recognition

Michael Jackson Impersonation


All I can say is, "HOLY COW!!"
Your Michael Jackson was absolutely incredible.
Not only did he look amazing, his dancing!!
I'm still shocked, amazed and blown away.
The moment he started dancing, my mouth dropped.
He IS Michael Jackson and there is NO better.
In fact, my clients said, "We've just seen Michael Jackson!!"
I'm so impressed with your service and your recommendation that he is the best MJ in Winnipeg.
A HUGE thank you to Scheme A Dream™ for sending the absolute best MJ to our function.
And you were right, there is no better.
I'll send photos once we have selected a few for your website.

Thanks again.
My clients will never forget this experience.

Stephanie Reeves
DASCH October 31 2013

Jack Sparrow Impersonation

Good afternoon Margret,

The appearance of Jack Sparrow at the party was a success.
Please convey to Captain Jack my appreciation of his performance.
He was enjoyed by all especially by Susan, the subject of the party and the focus of Jack Sparrow�s attention.

Thanks Jack.
Jim Rogers October 26 2013

Charleston Dancers

Hi Margaret,

The dancers were absolutely spectacular � they did such a great job!
They did two cute routines and then got Ace Burpee and Mary Lou up on the dance floor.
It was perfect and just what we wanted � something cute and high energy.
Please pass along our thanks to them!

Thanks again,
Chris Boult, October 26 2013
Humane Society

Elvis Celebrity Telegram

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to send word to you that the Elvis impersonator that you sent to our branch to celebrate our branch manager�s birthday was a huge treat!
He got the whole branch involved, including some customers, and even entertained customers in the parking lot!
This was my first time going to Scheme A Dream™ for entertainment but definitely won�t be my last!

Thanks so much!
Ryan Plunkett   October 9 2013
Financial Advisor | TD Canada Trust

Marilyn Monroe and Austin Powers

The performers for Marilyn Monroe and Austin Powers were amazing!
Everyone loved them and they did a fantastic job!!

Thanks again.
Genumark Promotional Products October 3 2013

RENT A NERD  "Lester Polyester" Comedy Roast

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Lester Polyester was for my boss's retirement.
She is a lady that loves to laugh and he definitely had her, and everyone else, laughing till they cried.
It was the perfect gift and he was worth every penny.
I had many people asking me about him after as they were VERY pleased and entertained by him.
He is very talented and a quick thinker, as I am sure she caught him off guard by her reactions.

Thank you again for your amazing assistance.
This is one day not to be forgotten thanks to all of you at Scheme A Dream™!

Rita   September 21

Bon Jovi Impersonation

Hi Margaret,

My friend sent me a video of the performance. I thought it was great!
He was extremely enthusiastic, and rocked that song.
Though there wasn't much of a crowd at the Palomino that early in the night, it was fitting.
Di absolutely loved it!!
I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out.

Thank you so much for arranging things on such short notice, and for being more than accommodating.
Your suggestions and professionalism are top notch, and for those reasons alone it was worth every penny.

I'll be looking for occasions to use you in future!! 

Lauren Sears    September 30 2013

Alice In Wonderland / Sevryn 'The Mentalist'

Hi Margaret,

Just wanted to say Thank you to Alice in Wonderland and Sevryn the Mentalist who performed last Saturday at our association's annual conference.

Alice did a wonderful job and was so believable that she had a bunch of grown women looking for the White Rabbit. She was also able to ad lib with some guests who happen to come in late. It was a perfect fit to our backwards tea party.

I also couldn't have picked a better way to close out our evening then with Sevryn the Mentalist. His performance was truly amazing. It's something that our association will be talking about for months to come.

I also want to thank you for working with me to create the event that I had envisioned. I would not hesitate to use Scheme A Dream™ for future events.

Manitoba Association of Insurance Professionals
September 24, 2013

Betty Boop and Charlie Chaplin Impersonations

Everything turned out well with the characters at the Golf Tournament. The Charlie Chaplin imitator does a great rendition of Charlie Chaplin's actions. He was humorous and kept in theme of the Silent Actor. Betty Boop was beautiful and definitely played her role. She has a lot of energy to play the role of Betty Boop and worked the crowd very well.


Valerie (Princess Auto)
September 16 2013

Classy Traditional Singing Telegram (Edmonton)

Hello Margaret,

I would like to thank you and your team for pulling off the ultimate birthday surprise.
The person who received the Singing Telegram for her 86th birthday has just recently lost all of her loved ones.  She turned 86 today and the telegram arrived while she was in the dining room having breakfast. When I spoke to Margaret, who assisted in planning this event, I was asked what song would I like to have the performer sing. I did not know many songs from that era so one that I always loved was, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and that is the song that was sung.
Jeanne, the recipient of the telegram, really enjoyed it!
After the event, Jeanne called me at work (500 Km's away) and elaborated in detail what had happened. Jeanne knew this person was voice trained as Jeanne sung in choirs for many years and noticed how professionally dressed she was. I must say thank you to Scheme A Dream™ as I have used your services in the past and it did not go the way that this one did.
I understand that the management team is different and after hearing Jeanne's voice your team did an amazing job. If you ever watched the Oprah show where she gave every member in the audience a car, the excitement that they had is exactly how Jeanne is feeling today. She has made 9 phone calls to friends telling them what happened to her today and by hearing the excitement in her voice it was a job well done.

This shows us that small gestures go a long way.
We not only made Jeanne's day but every other senior having breakfast will have something to talk about.

I hope to do business with you again.

Thank you.

Jeanette (Edmonton)
September 9 2013

Marilyn Monroe

Hello there!

We had a great time on Saturday and everyone loved Marilyn!! I was a little worried for her thinking that the group wasn�t drunk enough yet, quite frankly, so everyone seemed rather subdued! I was also worried that she felt that it didn�t go well. But, people told me all night that she did an awesome job and that it was a great idea. You might have some future customers from that night!

I will check out the website and look through our pictures to see if there is anything that we could post.

Have a good day!

September 7 2013

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Thank you Marilyn for your appearance at my Dad's Birthday on September 5th.
You were excellent and so much fun!
And to watch my dad turn into a little boy being mesmerized by a realistic impersonator of Marilyn Monroe, "the sex goddess of his time", was specular. You are truly talented and look forward to using Scheme A Dream™ in the future. He States he will never forget That Birthday and still talks about it.

Thanks Again.
Stephanie Reeves
September 5 2013

Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Thank you very much Marilyn Monroe.
You were the star attraction at Paul's 70th birthday dinner last Monday evening.
Also, thank you for your very classy performance.
It was all in good taste and fun for all of us, aged 38 to 70!
We appreciated your punctuality and great speaking and singing voice, as well as your impeccable grooming and beautiful costume.
Thank you also for Elvis Presley's appearance at my birthday party last year.
His performance still brings a smile to my face.

From Brenda
September 3 2013

Marlene Dietrich Impersonation

It was very good.
Everyone enjoyed the show.
Thank you.

Here's a photo of Marlene Dietrich performer.

August 31 2013

Amy Farah Fowler (Big Bang Theory)

Hi Margaret,
I'm just wanting to let you know that Amy Fowler was great.
He loved it.
It was so funny and everyone thought it was excellent.
Thanks again.


Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Scheme A Dream™,
Thanks very much for everything!
A good time was had by all....

Kirstin Guicheteau

Flamingo Law Greeting

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for the wonderful set up.
Peter was very surprised.
I think I saw a car at the driveway around 1am but neither Peter nor the dog heard you working there.
My cat is also enjoying the visiting birds .
Job well done.
We will have 35 friends and neighbors over tonight, I hope you get more customers from all this.

Thanks again.
Bogna Gryc

Celine Dion Impersonation

Hi There,

The wedding was great and the boys absolutely "loved" Celine Dion!!!
They couldn't get over it!!
Thank you so much for making it so special!
Celine was being photographed by everyone and so I'll check with the Newlywed boys when they are back from their Honeymoon in Vegas.

Thanks again.

Sheena July 27 2013

Twilight's - Edward Cullen


Just wanted to say thanks to Edward Cullen who appeared at my daughters 16th birthday on July 27.
She absolutely loved it and thought it was really sweet!
She was surprised and will remember it for a long time!

Thanks Margaret for all your help in making her birthday special; and the Edward impersonator for a fantastic job!
Will definitely be booking a fourth time in the near future!

Sandra Watson July 27 2013


Game Leader

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your last minute help.
Emily was great like you said.
I liked how she took charge with the children to start activities and I know they had fun.
I would recommend you highly.
She is a dear.

Thanks again and I hope she had fun.
I think she has one of the coolest jobs and not everyone can do that.

Cheryl Saturday, July 27

Captain Jack Sparrow Impersonation

All was great!
He was very entertaining!
We had a lot of fun.
I would use Scheme A Dream™ again.

Karen July 27 2013

Betty Boop Impersonation


Thank you for everything, it turned out great !!
Here's a picture of Betty Boop and my mom.
She was very surprised and loved every minute of it :))

Dawn Joyal July 20 2013

Spider-man Action Packed Adventure

Hi Margaret,

I want to thank you and Spider-Man for making my son's birthday party really memorable! We had a hoot watching Spider-Man approach our house - I had envisioned him just walking up the sidewalk but instead he was hiding behind trees, looking around the yards and then plastered himself on our front window! My son was in awe. We were able to keep it a secret so he was so surprised that Spider-Man was in his house and knew his name!

Spidey had a bit of a tough crowd at times but he was quick on his feet and a quick thinker. The girls at the party were especially taken by Spider-Man. I think my son would've loved some one-on-one time with Spider-Man. He had a lot of questions and wanted to share a lot with him. He even asked me this morning if