Father's Day

Celebrate Father's Day by showing gratitude and love with one of our famous Characters

"My Heart Belongs to Daddy" "Man I Feel Like A Woman"


"Whenever, Wherever" "Simply The Best"

Or, if he has a good sense of humor and likes a good laugh, send something "fun and comical" like a "long lost Nerdy daughter or son" (RENT A NERD)

Surprise him with a "Happy Father's Day" Golf Set Up Lawn Greeting 

Surprise him with a visit from one of our characters that would make him blush if they show up.

Anything is possible:

Fifi the French Maid
Nurse Cc's
I Love Lucy

Mae West
Nerdy Golfer

Check our Character Gallery !

Other Father's Day Gift Ideas:


"Father's Day Sports Balloon Bouquet"


"Father's Day Balloon Bouquet"

"Or any ideas that the Dream Team will help you Scheme!"
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