Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood's 'most loved' Blonde Bombshell!

Scheme A Dream™'s Marilyn Monroe is very much alive and well.
With a seasoned and polished act, Marilyn will entertain any occasion with her grace,
quick wit, song and beauty.

Whether it's an intimate Birthday setting or Corporate staged show,
no audience is too big or too small for this Class Act.
Scheme A Dream™'s Marilyn Monroe, with a repertoire of songs,
one liners and mannerisms has the qualities and talent of any high caliber Vegas act.

Treat your special Birthday event Guest of Honor with Presidential Status.
Marilyn to sing "Happy Birthday" (or variation) with her nostalgic style,
"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" ..
.. will leave them wanting more!

Marilyn Monroe will be the highlight of the event, to be remembered and adored by all!
Available to perform:

Celebrity Singing Telegram
Mini Vegas Act
Full Vegas Act and Stage Show
Roaming & Intermingling
Meet & Greet

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Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to Philly

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