Rent A Nerd

Offered as a Singing Character Telegram, Comedy Roast or Ice Breaker at any social gathering.
 No one looks or acts any more ridiculous than our Nerds, awkwardly entering an event.
 These absolutely outrageous looking nerds have found out where the guest of honor is and want to help celebrate them with their humorous antics.

Lester Polyester Greta Geek Greta Nerd Steve Urkel

Long Lost Nerdy Boy/Girlfriend, Love Sick Nerd, Secret Nerdy Admirer, Mail Order Nerdy Bride/Groom, New Nerdy Neighbor, New Nerdy Co-worker, New Nerdy Trainee, Nerdy VIP, Love At First Sight, Pregnant Nerd

 We assume no liability for person or persons dying of laughter!


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