LightBulb and Sonny the Clowns

Two Clowns, One Performer.

Since graduating from Tumbles Clown
School in 2000,
Lightbulb and Sonny have been busy
clowning professionally at events
all over the Winnipeg and surrounding

Specialized in balloon creations and face
LightBulb and Sonny raised the BAR in
when they grew to a height of an amazing 8
feet with a size 22 inch shoe.

Regular Sized Clown Act:

Sonny or LightBulb the Clown
Balloon Twisting, Face Painting, Clowny Magic
1 hour includes no more than 20 children
When asked, "How he got that tall",
his response was,
"because I went to HIGH school".

Super Sized Act:

Sonny or LightBulb the Clown
Balloon Twisting, walk about clown magic

During the 2010 World Clown Association
Conference held in Winnipeg,
Sonny the Clown won Gold Medal in the
make-up competition,
while LightBulb won Bronze in the skit

Also available as:
Balloon Twister Twists approximately 45 basic
balloon animals in an hour or 25 more complex per hour.
Face Painter Paints approximately 20 faces per hour

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